How To Get Katy Perry’s Hair

How to get uniquely-colored hair, just like Katy Perry

Katy Perry is famous for her powerful voice, not to mention her outlandish clothes and colorful hair. Truly a fashion chameleon, Katy never fails to surprise her fans (and critics even) with her vibrantly-hued hair. If you want to have a headful of hair just as colorful as Katy’s, here are steps on how you can transform your hair to that of a “California girl.”





Cool Katy Perry Pink hair

Katy Perry pink hair

Be popularly pretty in Pink

In 2011, Katy walked the American Music Awards red carpet in a stunning Vivienne Westwood gown with her hair dyed shocking pink. If you want to have the same look, the first thing you should remember before coloring your hair is to bleach it out first. Then condition your hair with Manic Panic girly hair dyes such as Hot Hot Pink or Cotton Candy Pink.

Katy Perry Blonde Hair


Be a bombshell in blonde

In December 2011, Katy went back to her usual blonde hair color, and debuted her Marilyn Monroe-ish locks at an episode for Saturday Night Live. If you want to achieve this glamorous, time-tested hair color, you can try Clairol’s Nice N Easy in Neutral Blonde or L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference.

Katy Perry  Red Hair

katy-perry red hair


Be red hot

Although the saying goes that blondes have more fun, redheads can have a fair share of fun too. In June 2011, Katy Perry showed her red hot hair while frolicking in a Florida beach. To get hair just as fiery as Katy Perry’s, try Clairol’s Natural Instincts in red. Another good choice is L’Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif in Chestnut Reddish Brown.

Katy Perry Blue hair

katy-perry-blue- hair

Be a blue-haired babe

Pink, blonde, and red – these are just some of Katy Perry’s common hair colors. Just when people thought that they had seen Katy’s hair at its ‘craziest,’ her entrance to the 2012 Grammy Awards in a blue sparkly gown matched by a blue head of hair truly surprised people from all over the world.

If you’re one who’s as adventurous as Katy in getting a blue bob, then try Shocking Blue by Manic Panic. If you can’t risk yourself to look like an Avatar, then try blue hair streaks first.

Katy Perry Black hair

katy-perry_ black hair

Experimenting with different hair colors just like Katy Perry is a fun thing to do. A variety of hair hues can revamp your look whenever you need to. With many hair dyes out there, the possibilities are endless.

While it’s fun going out with a different head of hair every month, you need to take into consideration that incessant hair dying can damage your hair in the long run. Remember to care for your hair well if you want to live out your “teenage dream” of change hair color every so often.