Layered bob haircuts

When you are thinking about cutting your hair into a nice bob hairstyle then you should try and see what kinds of layered bob haircuts you can find. There are so many that you can look out for and try to use. Remember that once you cut it you have to wait for it to grow back to try something else.


Medium bob cuts

Okay everyone thinks that all bobs are short, but that is not the case. You can have a medium hairstyle that is a nice layered bob cut. There is one hairstyle that you see sometimes when you look around and that is the bob cut that has the long side bangs to the side and the short cut in the back. This is a natural bob haircut that you may like, but it is not too medium like you are expecting. One medium bob hair cut consists of the hair being layered and to the neck with short bangs to the side or short layered cut hair on each side. This is one that you may like ot try and it works for a lot of different face shapes.

Short bob cuts

The short layered bob haircuts are the ones that you see often. There are different ones that you see and some are the same, but here are a few examples that you may see and examples of some that you may not see so much. If you cut your hair and puff it up this is one bob that some women wear, because it has base and it as some structure to where it will still move. Your hair will have shape to it. Another example is the cut short and flare out bob that many love to wear. These layered bob haircuts can be worn by a lot of women that love the look.

Face Shape

There are a lot of different types of face shapes that determine the layered bob haircuts look, but if you like the style then you should wear it as your own. If you have a round shape face sometimes it is best to go with something medium instead of short. Your bob does not have to be really short at all. Most bob cuts work with all face shapes and structures.

There are a lot of different layered bob haircuts out there that you can choose from, but make sure that you make the right choice when choosing your hairstyle.