Light brown hair color

light brown hairWhat you need to know about the light brown hair color

Brunette hair has many shades – ranging from auburn to dark, almost black hair. Although there’s a saying that blondes have more fun, brunettes can have the same degree of enjoyment as well. Brown hair is sexy, and if you want to try this shade, the best choice is light brown locks.

light brown hair


Before you dye your hair into another color, you need to put your skin tone and eye color into consideration first. What’s great about light brown hair is it looks good both on women with cool and warm skin tones. To know which category you belong, think of these: those with warm skin tones have pale to peach flesh tones, and women with gold undertones, while those with cool skin tones have pink undertones. Wherever strata you fit in, you can have light brown hair.

Jennifer-Lopez-light brown hair with highlights

Color streaks

If you want to liven up your look, you can add highlights or lowlights to your light brown locks. As a general rule, shades two to three colors lighter or darker than your current hair color will work best as highlights or lowlights.

Staying within three degrees of your hair color will give you a natural look, and not as if you bleached patches of your hair by mistake. For light brown hair, you can go with platinum blonde highlights. As for lowlights, go for chocolate brown or chestnut brown shades.

Jennifer Aniston light brown hair color


Light brown Hairstyle

light brown wavy hair and blue eyes

With long brown hair, you can go for haircuts you have never dreamed of doing. One such style is medium  or long length with layers.

straight light brown hair

To get the perfect length, tell your stylist to maintain your hair until two inches below your shoulders. Cap off the look with heavy bangs. For a more feminine look, whip out the curling iron before going to school or work. Other great hair ideas for light brown hair include a straight, long style, an angled bob, or an adorable pixie.

Long_pixie_cut   brown hair


Once you change your hair to light brown, you need to revise some of your make-up styles as well in order to suit your new hair shade.

cute light brown ombre  hair with highlights

For your foundation, use mineral-based formulations. As for your eyes, you need a color which contrasts your hair and eyes. Green or blue eye shadow is great during daytime, while smoke or gray is best for dinner and nights out. As for the lip color, choose light shades if you have dark, smoky eyes. Go for russet lips if you have light eye shadow.