Long Layered Hairstyles

Long, layered hairstyles are perfect for every type of woman. It doesn’t matter if you have a round face or a square one, this style can truly make you glamorous and elegant. Flaunted by famous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway, long and layered locks are perfect from day to night.

Layering points

Layers are perfect for long hair because they can add body and volume to otherwise limp locks.

long layered hair

Although this is the case, you shouldn’t go overboard with layering (especially in the back) because you’ll end up with an ugly mullet.

Avoid layers above your ear, because you’ll look outdated instead of classic. For best results, ask your stylist to make layers in the front, in order to accentuate your face.

long hair with layers

Appropriate length

Long hair with layers is great – but most stylists suggest women to grow a hair length of a few inches below the shoulders, or a few inches below the breasts.

These lengths are best for women who want to have layered locks. If your hair is too long, it can make your face look longer, and the weight of the locks can make thin or fine hair look more lifeless.

long hairstyle with bangs -zooey-deschanel

If you can’t let go of your long hair, you don’t have to worry about suffering from a boring look. You can still liven up your look by asking for a U or V-shaped layer on the back. With this look, you will have shorter hair on the sides and the front, and longer locks on the back. This simple style is timeless and perfect for women with round faces who want to elongate it. Long, layered hair can make you look regal with just a few tweaks and styling.

long layered blonde  hair

Long layered hairstyles with bangs

If you want to look more ravishing with long, layered hair, then add bangs to your tresses. Blunt, straight bangs look modern and chic, and it’s best for women who want to frame their lovely facial features. Women with square faces should avoid blunt bangs because it can only accentuate strong jaws.

long layered hair Megan Fox

If you have a round face and want to make it look longer, then ask your stylist to give you cool, side-swept bangs.

long layered hairstyle


Your hair is your crowning glory, so if you want to look like a pageant winner, long, layered hairstyles can do the trick.

Long layered haircut with highlights

long layered haircut with highlights

Because it works for most women, you can storm out to your favorite salon and have this style today!