Low Maintenance Hairstyles for Busy Days

Women with long hair get to play with different hairstyles more because they have so much more to work with. Some also say that women with long hair are more attractive and look prettier and we do agree to that at some point but we also know that women with short hair are gorgeous as well. Though having long hair may seem more advantageous than having short hair, there are also some disadvantages to having long locks. One of the things that make long hair a bit difficult to deal with at times is the fact that there are days when we don’t have time to fix our hair at all, much less redo it throughout the day. On these days, it’s good to know that there are hairstyles we can sport that will keep our hair off our shoulders and face so we can get on with our day without minding it too much. Check out these low maintenance hairstyles for busy days.

  • Fishtail braids – fishtail braids look complicated at first but when you figure out how to do it, you’ll know how easy it actually is to make this cute braid style. Fishtail braids are perfect for spring and summer because they have a cute, dainty and girly look. They also keep hair away from your face so you don’t have to keep sweeping it off to the side plus it keeps you cool on a hot and humid day. What makes it even better is that you can do it to your hair no matter what your hair texture is. Sport it messy or neat, it’s really all up to you and it all depends on the kind of look that you’re going for and the outfit you’re wearing with it.

cute fishtail braid messy fishtail braid red carpet style fishtail braid

  • High ponytail – if you’re looking for a low maintenance hairstyle that can easily take you from day to night, why not try out a high ponytail? A high ponytail is one of the most versatile yet most low key hairstyle that you can wear and it’s really not that difficult to do it. It’s very versatile, too. You can wear it with casual or dressy outfits and you can also choose to wear it messy or sleek.

quick high ponytail sleek wavy high ponytail

  • Sock bun – the sock bun is perfect on busy days when you want your hair to look sleek and cheek. It takes about 10 minutes to create the perfectly neat sock bun look and it could last you all day which is great if you’re about to go to a seminar or a meeting. It has a very professional look to it which makes it a perfect hairstyle for work as well and what’s more is that there’s a tool that you use to create this hairstyle that makes it even easier! It’s also another one of those hairstyles that can easily take you from day to night. Just sport the sleek bun throughout the day and release your hair from the sock bun at night to reveal gorgeous loose waves / curls.

chic sock bun sleek sock bun how to

  • Half up half down – want something that will keep your hair away from your face and off from your shoulder but don’t want to sport an updo? A half up half down hairstyle may just be what you are looking for. Half up half down hairstyles make your hair more manageable and require less maintenance throughout the day but they keep you looking extra girly as well. it’s a great hairstyle to wear on busy days when you want both beauty and convenience.

fancy half up half down gorgeous half up half down simple half up half down