Medium length layered hairstyles

Medium length layered hairstyles for you

Medium length hair is the perfect length for women who don’t want their tresses too short or too long. It’s easy to maintain, and it can look glamorous rather easily for a formal event in the evening. If you have this hairstyle and you’re thinking of spicing it up a bit, then here are several ideas for medium length layered hairstyles which you can wear from sun up to sun down.

Medium length hairstyles with long layers and bangs.

medium length layered  hairstyle with bangs

This is the easiest style to pull off, and your hairstylist won’t have any problems transforming your tresses into this simple yet chic panache. What’s great about this haircut is that you can wear it in a number of ways – dressed down for school, or in an up do for the spring homecoming.

You can opt for straight bangs to make your face look smaller, or for side swept bangs to elongate your facial features.

beautiful medium length  hairstyle bob

Medium length hairstyle  with curls.

curly medium length hair

If you want to look more feminine and elegant, then curling up the edges of your medium length hair will do the trick. You can use a roller, or you can curl it up overnight by twisting and braiding the ends of your hair. Make it more formal by adding a glitzy barrette on the side.

curly medium length hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyle  with long layers.

medium length hair brown , red and  blonde

Again, this look is perfect for school or for work. It’s low-maintenance as well. Just ask your stylist to cut your hair until your shoulders, and work in some layers along the way.

Cute- shoulder length Hairstyles

For a hot, off-the-runway look, ask for bangs that can frame your beautiful facial features.

Medium bob with straight bangs.

bob-haircut-with straight bangs

If you’re not afraid of working a unique coif, ten go for a medium bob with straight bangs. This hairstyle is common in rock stars, and you can rock it yourself at school or at work. Add more spunk to this hairstyle by adding rad highlights such as red, pink, or violet.

Medium length with short layers on the back.

layered bob-hairstyle-with-bangs

This hairstyle is also well-loved by emo, rockers, and punks all over the world. This style boasts of short layered hair on the back, and medium length tresses near your face. For a unique look, add highlights near the edges of your hair. This will give you an illusion of cascading colors. Complete the look by asking your hairstylist to add side swept bangs to this cut.

medium layered hair with bangs

Medium length layered hairstyles are both stylish  and good looking  and can create a level of volume even for  a very  thin  hair . Many women love their layered hairstyles  not only because they look great , but also because it is very  easy to maintain, there is so little effort or  hair styling products needed  every day to create   trendy and  attractive natural  look.