Go Natural With Natural Hairstyles

We are so attracted towards fashion that we fail to look at the beauty of our own natural hair; going behind the latest trend has so much become our attitude. Have you ever wondered how beautiful you can look with your own natural hair? So lets discuss about how to beautify our own hair with styles and simple techniques.

Some of the best natural styles are here as follows, you can try them at home or style by yourself and go out walking proud saying you haven’t got any artificial methods applied to your hair.

cornrow style

For those with long and extremely curly hair you can just go with a African style cornrow if you wish, and there are various cornrow styles which needs patience to braid it close to the scalp and closely knit braids. There are various cornrow styles like lock and roll, where you can just cornrow the entire hair and with locks at the crownCornrow at the front of the scalp and just let your hair free flow at the back, this will make it look stylish and good looking for those with straight or wavy hair.



Braids are one of the most classy looking hairstyles that suits almost any hair type, be it a straight hair or curly hair, a beautifully braided hair will look neat and elegant all day long.



french plait

You can also try French plaits that look very stylish and different, it will suit those hairs with much volume. These hairstyles need certain practice to braid the hair neatly, and can be done by one easily at home.


pony tail

Full volume ponytails are one of the natural hairstyles that almost anyone and everyone wear in their busy scheduled life, its much easier to comb and takes very less time, giving the hair a boosted and fuller volume look. Ponytails for straight hair can be accompanied with a feather cut hairstyle and layer cut will suit those curly or beach wavy hairs.

bob cut

Natural hairstyles for short hairs include bob cuts with front fringes or side bangs, and you can just curl it at home with a plastic curler without heat or any styling appliance, this will give a bouncy look at the edges.


hair bun

Bun are one of those natural styles not to be forgotten, and these buns can be styled in different ways with the help of bob pins and held up high and will best suit during hot days.

hair cut

These are some of the natural hair do, which you can try at home and they are ever green styles that will suit almost any hair type, just blow dry your hair after a well conditioned hair wash and you can try anything with your own hair without making use of those hair extensions and wigs. Why spend money on something when you have a beautiful hair, all it takes is time to style them.