Natural Ways to Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common problem that almost all women face. Hair falling off is normal but when it becomes excessive, it can be a problem. You might notice that after brushing your hair, some strands get left on your brush while some fall on the floor. It’s very unsightly and very unhealthy, too. Unless you’ve just given birth, you shouldn’t be losing too much hair. On average, you should lose about 100 strands daily, throughout the day and not all at once. If it looks to you like you’re losing more than that, you need to start addressing the issue. Here are some natural ways to stop hair fall that might help you deal with this hair dilemma.

  • Eat your protein – most of the time, your problem with hair fall can be traced to your diet. Poor diet leads to poor hair health and when your hair isn’t healthy, it tends to fall off. Protein is an important nutrient that you should consume if you want to stop hair fall. Protein has all the essential amino acids that make your hair healthier and less prone to hair fall. What’s great about having to eat proteins is that the foods that are rich in this nutrient are actually quite tasty like fish, chicken, eggs, yogurt, nuts and seeds so incorporating it in your daily diet shouldn’t be a problem.

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  • Limit your sugar intake – sugar may be tasty and irresistible but you should try to limit your intake of it if you want to stop hair fall. Sugar breaks down collagen in the body which means it prevents healthy hair growth. Collagen makes the hair strong. Without it, hair would easily break and fall. Eliminating sugar in your diet is almost impossible but do try to go for sugar-free alternatives with each chance you get.

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  • Do not wash your hair daily – washing your hair daily strips it of its natural oils making it dull, dry and brittle therefore more susceptible to breakage and hair fall. Wash your hair once every two or three days instead. if you have oily hair, you can try using dry shampoo instead of washing. Second or third day hair can hold hairstyles better and longer, too. That’s an added reason to not wash your hair everyday.

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  • Avoid stressful situations – stress is part of our everyday lives but it’s also one of the major culprits for most of our healthy and beauty issues including hair fall. You may notice that during days when you are more stressed, more hair tend to fall out. Make sure you have an outlet where you could release your stress to and use this outlet every time you feel like stress is getting to you. Remember: Less stress, less hair fall.

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  • Get a trim regularly – have you ever thought of hair fall as your scalp’s incapability to hold the weight of your hair? My stylist made me look at hair fall this way and to me it makes total sense. When your hair is too weighty, your scalp can no longer hold on to it so as a result, it lets go of some of the weight (hair strands). It may not be scientific but it trimming your hair regularly has been a tried and tested thing to do to stop hair fall.

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