Pixie haircut

Pixie haircuts for women   .

If you want a new hairstyle you should look at no other styles except the pixie haircut. This is a nice style for the right person and it looks great on everyone that wears it. There are a lot of different lengths to the pixie haircut that you may want to resource on and try to use for your new look.  Just check pictures of pixie haircuts.

 Stylish Short Pixie cuts

Short Pixie cut

This haircut is the one that you see most of the time. This is the short cut that everyone seems to have if they are interested in it. You will basically have a little hair here and there foe this cut and sometimes you may want to add the long bang look as well that goes off to the side. Basically it is like the celebrity Rihanna look. These are the first ones that you may see, but you do not have your hair this short at all.

Medium pixie cut

The medium pixie haircut is used a lot as well and this one is one that many women want. Some just want to have a little base to their hair and watch it grow out faster than others. The medium cut is basically the down to the ears cut. This will not take away all of your hair and you will still be able to do certain hairstyles to it as it starts growing more. With this style you can see that everything is layered and there are some that have bangs while others do not. This may be a style for you if you are interested ot have the face shape for it.

Long pixie cut

The long pixie haircut is one that you may like. This one is like the medium, but some have their hair to their neck line. This does not have to be layered, but you can have it where it is tucked under for a nice and professional look. Now you will see that there are a lot of these styles are on adults, but kids can wear them as well. The long pixie haircut is something that many try, so that they can keep their hair growing. If you have the face shape for it which will be all kinds then you can rock this style.


A pixie haircut is nice and you will notice that there are so many of them. Sometimes choosing the right one depends on your face structure and shape, but you will find a style that suits you the best.