Pretty Hairstyle for Windy Days

The wind can be a force to reckon with, especially when it’s blowing mad crazy and you’re outside with your hair blowing violently in your face. It’s itchy, irritating and it can be an obstacle to deal with when the wind is accommodate by rain. Once the wind stops blowing, you’ll find yourself looking like the Lion King with your hair everywhere and all around. You don’t have to deal with that every single time, though. There are lots of pretty hairstyles you can do to your hair when you’re headed out on a windy day. These hairstyles will not only keep you looking chic, they will also keep your hair away from your face. Read on below and you’ll surely find a pretty hairstyle for windy days that you’ll like.

  • Ponytail – this one is very basic. It’s quick and it’s super easy to do. It’s been a timeless classic, a favorite of women from all walks of life. The ponytail may be simple but there are lots of ways you can dress it up. You can wear beautiful hair ornaments with it, you can wear it high or low, centered or on the side, sleek or messy – you can wear it any way you want. One more thing to love about this is that all you need to do this is an elastic band and a comb. Talk about convenience!

ponytail hair ponytail

  • A sleek bun – while a messy bun is always a good way to add a hint of sexiness to your look, all those little hairs hanging out that gives your hairstyle the messy vibe can be a bit annoying once the wind starts to blow. If you want something that will really take your hair off your face and your mind, do a sleek bun. it’s elegant and pretty practical, too, during a windy day.

sleek bun hair

sleek bun hairstyle sleek bun

  • Fishtail braid – if you’re looking for a hairstyle that can take you into a windy day effortlessly and at the same time make you look super cute and fab, a fishtail braid is definitely the hairstyle for you. It’s just as easy as the ponytail except that there’s braiding required but other than that, it’s really nothing that you need professional help with. This hairstyle gives your hair an interesting look and texture plus you get really nice waves after unbraiding your hair so that’s another pretty hairstyle you can rock indoors.

fishtail fishtail braid

  • Pigtail braids – now this is something you barely see on women anymore but if you are looking for a hairstyle you can wear on a windy day that can add a nice, fun and quirky touch to your look, why not do you hair in pigtails? You can do the regular kind of pigtails or you can also go for the braided version which gives the hairstyle a more mature look. Tie your pigtails high if you want a whimsical look or low if you’re growing for a more grown up look. This hairstyle would be perfect with a cute casual outfit. Put on a cap or a beanie if it’s cold and windy at the same time.

pigtails hair pigtails hairstyle pigtails