Reasons to Keep Your Hair Long

Having short hair sure is a lot easier compared to having long hair. You use less products, hair is much more manageable and styling is a lot easier. A lot of women find that maintenance and upkeep is a whole lot easier with short hair, too, though there are some who argue that this isn’t always true. For a lot of women, having short hair is the most convenient way to survive the humid spring weather and the super hot summer days. However, there are also women to whom chopping off their lengthy hair is not an option. I’m one of those women who put off having a haircut because I find it difficult to part with my long locks and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of you out there who are the same. Here are some more reasons to keep your long.

  • Long hair makes you feel more feminine – long hair has always been a symbol of womanhood and beauty. There’s just something about having beautiful long hair that can make any woman feel instantly more feminine. If you’re someone who has very strong facial features, having long hair is a great way to instantly soften up your look.

lea michele ombre light brown hair

  • Easy maintenance – some women find it easier to maintain short hair since there’s very little that has to be done to it, at least if you’re growing it. However, maintaining long hair can be just as easy if you just want to let it grow to your desired length. No regular haircuts except for trims which can be don’t at home, no pressure on reapplying color since faded hair color looks gorgeous anyway and creates a natural ombre and most of all, no need for much styling on regular days as you can just let it down and let it loose.

gorgeous long hair

tyra banks wavy hair

  • Lots of styling options – if you do need to style long hair, though, you get more options than you would if you had short hair. You can do half updos, full updos, braids and other fancy and even complicated hairstyles that require long hair for various loops and twists. You can curl it, get some waves on or sport it pin straight. The possibilities on how many hairstyles you can come up with for long hair is virtually endless.

cute long hair style retro sexy big hair

  • It makes you look thinner – if you have a round face, you know the struggle of trying to find the perfect hairstyle to make your face look a bit more elongated. Having long hair can instantly make your face longer and thinner, especially when you have layers and side swept fringes / bangs added on. Having lush long hair can also make you feel sexier and there’s nothing more gorgeous than a woman who looks and feels good about herself in her own skin.

blake lively bronde long layered hair

  • It takes time for it to grow back – this is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of women detest having their hair cut. Once you decide to chop your hair off, there’s just no turning back. If you don’t like the outcome of your hair cut, you’d have to wait months for it to grow back into the length that you liked which is why it’s important to really think about having a haircut before getting it done.

angelina jolie sexy hair long blonde hair