Reasons to Love Balayage and Try it on Your Hair

Balayage was a trend that became popular in the hair and beauty scene earlier in 2011 but it still is making waves today. A lot of celebrities are a fan of the balayage hair trend. Basically, balayage is a method of applying volor to hair using sweeping motions. Unlike foiled highlights which are more precise, balayage lets your hairstylist color your hair with more freedom to put color where he thinks color is needed. The main objective of getting balayage on your hair is to make it look like your hair has been naturally sun bleached. Here are some reasons to love balayage and try it on your hair:

  • It’s the perfect summer look (and more) – nothing goes better with sun kissed skin than sun bleached hair. The combination of both just makes the perfect summer statement. However, we’re still in winter and before we can get to summer, we’d have to go through spring first. Good thing balayage on hair look cool no matter if it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. It’s a look that you can wear all year round.

balayage for fair skin

rihannas balayage


  • It’s oh-so-versatile – aside from being something that you can wear all year round, the balayage is also very versatile in the sense that there are lots of ways to do it. This makes it even easier for you to decide how you want the balayage on your hair. The regular two-tone balayage of course, is the most common way to do it but you can also have a more subtle balayage, the Riviera lights or, if you want something more bold, the reverse balayage.


balayage hair

  • You can do it yourself – yes, hairstylists do balayage best but with so many balayage do it yourself kits out there, it’s now easier to do balayage on your own hair right in the comfort of your own home. Of course, the first few tries are going to be a bit of a challenge, just like any other thing you’re doing for the first time. As you go along, though, you’ll get results looking like your balayage was done at the salon.

hair balayage two tone balayage

  • It’s practical and saves you time and money – when it comes to coloring your hair, things can get quite pricey, especially if you regularly have your hair colored at the salon. You’ll have to pay for the solution, you’ll have to pay your hairstylist to do it, and you’ll have to go back for touch ups and maintenance which can be even more expensive when added up compared to the initial coloring appointment. With balayage, your roots have more room to grow without touchups, saving you time and money.

subtle balayage balayage

  • It’s another way to lift your complexion – if you ever notice how sometimes, no matter what you do, you look dull it could be because your hair is drawing life out from your face. doing balayage on your hair can give your hair more depth and dimension which can result to a lift on your complexion. In simple terms, balayage can make you look livelier.

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