Reasons to Rock Braids for Summer

Braids are one of the easiest yet most gorgeous hairstyles that you can create even when you have so little time to do your hair. Over the years, we’ve seen lots of variations of braids from the simple and traditional one like French braids to the slightly more detailed ones like fishtail braids and five strand braids down to the really time-consuming and complicated ones such as loops and braids and the Chinese stairwell braids. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that you can rock all summer long, you should definitely try braids. Here are some reasons to rock braids for summer.

  • They’re versatile – no matter what look it is that you’re going for or what outfit it is that you’re wearing on a certain day, there will always be a braid style that will go perfectly well with it. Because of the many variations of braids that you can create,  you get countless options on which style to sport along with your outfit of the day. Braided pigtails are fun and they’re perfect for a day at the beach. A braided bun would go well with dressy outfits while the regular fishtail is the perfect style to wear with your everyday casual outfits.

cute cascading braid sassy fishtail braid

  • It’s a great way to hide a bad hair day – hair not looking so good upon waking up? No time to take a shower and slather a thousand different products on your hair? Just braid it! Braids make a wonderful cover up for bad hair days without the help of other styling tools or products plus it’s sure to hold your hair in place all day.

cool twisted braid

short summer braid and hat

  • Braids trap sweat – okay, this may sound gross but it’s actually really helpful and useful if you’re a frequent gym-goer. Braid your hair before you work out and you’ll notice how little sweat gets to your face. It’s much more convenient, it keeps you cool and it really helps you workout more comfortably even when it’s super hot. Don’t even worry about the sweat trapped in your hair, you’ll be washing it off later on anyway.

casual French braid fun braided updo

  • They work on any hair type – another thing that makes braids perfect for anyone and everyone this summer is that they work on all hair types. Some hairstyles only look good when you have super fine hair, others only look fab when your hair is curly or wavy but braids look wonderful no matter what kind of hair you have.

tiered boho braid mini side braids

  • It’s a 2-in-1 day to night hairstyle – if you’re the type who likes to be out from day ‘til night, braids are definitely for you. Braid your hair in the morning for a fun, summery, chic and casual look then release your braids by evening to unravel gorgeous loose waves (or curls, depending on how tight you made your braids) that’s perfect for date nights or late night parties. It saves you a lot of time and it really doesn’t require you to touch it up or restyle it using any other tool or product.

 braided pigtail hairstyle