Red Hair Color Shades – 10 Amazing Ideas


Be ravishing with red hair

Red hair  color ranges from a light strawberry  red shade, to deep auburn red. Many celebrities and models love red hair  color shades , just look at the pictures!

No matter what hair hue you have, you are lucky to be a redhead. This is because this unique hair tone can make you look effervescent in a room full of blondes and brunettes. Here are all the things you need to know about this ‘passionate’ hair color.

Go for a red hair color  shade  that suits your skin tone.

Strawberry blonde and gentle reds are perfect for people with light or pale skin tones. A red auburn hue, on the other hand, is perfect for women with medium skin tones. If you have olive-toned skin, go for Burgundy shades.

The same principle applies if you want to add highlights to your red hair. If you have a warm skin tone, go for strawberry blonde or golden blonde streaks. For women with pale skin, auburn red highlights will work the best. If you have a bright skin hue, try to opt for copper or bright red.

amazing red hair very beautiful girl

Khloe kardashian red  ginger  brown hairKhloe kardashian red ginger brown hair

Beautiful bright red hair of Rihanna

bright red Rihanna hair color


I love the contrast of pale skin , blue eyes and wonderful red curls!

Fresh and cute look.

Red hair color and blue eyes

Make sure your hair is ‘healthy’ before coloring it red.

Red hair dye contains very small molecules, which tend to seep out of hair strands easily. If you want to preserve your rich red hair, make sure you keep it healthy. Prior to getting colored, wash your hair well. After coloring, leave it be for 48 hours. For best results, try Wella’s semi-permanent Color touch hair dye.

Cintia Dicker,  blue eyes  and deep red-brown  hair color..

cintia dicker blue yes,red long curls and deep red hair color

Protect your hair.

This means you should always go regular conditioning treatments and avoid the use of hair products which generate heat, such as curling irons.

Disgusting as it may seem, you need to decrease your hair washing to twice a week. Use lukewarm water for your hair.

Beautiful wavy ginger hair

beautiful wavy ginger hair.jpg

Stay away from harsh shampoos because they can accelerate the color fading process. Instead, use color-enhancing shampoos such as the John Frieda Radiant Red Color Keep anti-fade shampoo, or the L’Oreal Colorist Hair care line.

Natural strawberry red hair color

Natural strawberry red hair color

Gorgeous redhead:

natural red hair shade

Red curls of Lily Cole

Lily Cole red hair color

Auburn red hair color shade

auburn red hair color shade

Lilly Collins

lilly collins red hair color

Rose McGovan

Rose mcgovan red hairstyle

Avoid exposing your hair to UV rays

If you must do so, apply creams and mousses, such as the Hamadi Shea Hair Mask, that can provide UV protection to your hair. You can also wear hats or scarves to shield your hair from the scorching heat of the sun.

Should you hit the tanning salon, remember to wear a hair cap to protect your locks from the UV rays emitted by the tanning bed.

Red hair color is a beautiful hue that will make you stand out. Make sure to protect your ‘fiery’ head of hair by following these tips well.