Runway Inspired Workout Hairstyles

The runway has always been a gold mine of inspiration for a lot of us ladies when it comes to fashion and beauty. I know a lot of you out there like to watch runway models in fashion shows not only because you want to know what your favorite designers have to offer for the coming season of from their up and coming line or collection but also because you want to take inspiration from the models’ hair and makeup. In case you haven’t been able to catch up on your runway stalking lately, here are some runway inspired workout hairstyles we’re really getting obsessed with.

  • Wide headband hairstyles – Marc Jacobs inspires avid gym goers as he parades his muses at the Fall 2014 Fashion Runway in different hairstyles finished off with a wide headband. This kind of hairstyle is ideal for women who have short hair and for women who have bangs / fringes as the headband keeps hair away from your face and traps sweat as well so it doesn’t sting your eyes while you’re in the middle of that exhausting cross fit training sesh.

floral wide headband neon pink wide headband wide headband for yoga

wide headband hair runway wide headband hairstyle

  • Messy bun – Marchesa surprised us with an oldie but a goodie that is the messy bun. Perfect for when you’re in a rush to get started on your workout routine, the messy bun takes literally less than a minute to create. Just gather your hair up, put it in a bun and go. No need to worry about it looking all sleek and perfect because it is meant to be messy.

marchesa messy bun messy bun hair Marchesa - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

  • Slicked back updo – if you’re not the type who like to look [perfectly] disheveled, perhaps you’d like to sport more of the slicked back updo instead. This hairstyle, inspired by the models of the runway from Lanvin’s Fall 2014 line, is exactly what an updo would look like an hour or so later after getting on the treadmill, just with a bit more control thanks to the styling gel you’re going to slather on.

gym ponytail slicked back runway inspired slicked back bun slicked back workout bun

  • Segmented ponytail – long locks always ending up twisted and tangled? Take it from the models of Valentino’s runway show and do a chic segmented ponytail do. Segmented ponytail are perfect for women with extra long locks because it keeps everything secure while also keeping your neck cool.

segmented ponytail from runway segmented ponytail how to sleek segmented ponytail slicked back runway hair valentino paris fashion week hairstyles

  • Braided bun – this may not be something new to you but it definitely is perfect for women with long hair who like to work out. You may think braiding your hair is enough to keep it away from your face but when you have a long chunk of braided hair moving around while you’re constantly moving, it’s just going to feel like you have a whip swishing around with every move. The braided buns from the runways of Dolce and Gabbana are perfect because they’re not too prissy, prim or perfect. They look just like regular braids pinned up in a bun so your braids don’t actually hit you.

pinned up braided bun fishtail braided bun