Best shades of Blonde Hair

Here is so many shades of blonde hair: Which to choose?

Maybe you’ve dumped an old boyfriend, or maybe you’re headed for a big career change. If you want to revamp your look, then changing your hair shade is one of the best things to do to overhaul your image. If you’re considering blonde (because as they say, blondes have more fun,) then here is a guide of the different blonde hair color shades, and which one is best to choose.

Platinum Blonde


This color is defined as a level 10 color. It’s like dyeing your hair white, because there’s no other pigments present once you’ve dyed your hair this color. Platinum Blonde is best for women with short hair, as bleaching can damage long hair. For best results, treat your hair with moisturizing and protein-rich formulations to shield your hair from the damage that can be caused by bleaching.

Brown and Ash blonde highlights

 Carrie+Underwood+ash  blonde hair with brown lowlights

Women with cool skin tones (those with pinkish complexion and blue eyes) or those with reddish complexions with cool hues will look beautiful in Ash Blonde. You have to seek the help of a hairstylist as it’s hard to get the perfect ‘shade’ because of the yellow and orange pigments in one’s hair.

Beautiful Ash blonde hair color

ash blonde hair

Golden Blonde

golden blonde hair color

If you have a warm skin tone, then a Golden Blonde hair can make you look like a bombshell.  Brunettes will also benefit from a golden blonde hair color, as it draws attention to the eyes. But before you pick out a golden blonde hair dye, you need to choose carefully, especially if your natural hair color has underlying orange pigmentation. Remember not to overdo the gold coloring as it can make your hair look like a wig.

Dark blonde hair color

dark blonde hair color

Neutral blonde

If you want a ‘natural’ look, then neutral blonde hair color is the way to go. If you have an olive skin tone, then Neutral Blonde is best for you.

neutral blonde

With this skin tone, you need to avoid warm hues such as Golden Blonde. Exposure to sun and the use of hair products can strip off the hair of its dye, so it’s best if you use pigmented hair products for this hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

scarlett-johansson strawberry blonde

Strawberry is a light red hair color. The marriage of yellow and red hair pigments result in a sun-kissed orange hair. Most women can pull this hair color off, except for those with olive skin tones. If you have pale skin, strawberry blonde hair will ‘warm up’ your appearance.

Caramel blonde hair – Natural hair with  beige and caramel highlights

Blake Lively blonde hair color