Special effects hair dye

What is Special effects hair dye  and how to apply it?

If you want to be a head-turner with a headful of ‘shocking’ hair, then what you need is the Special Effects Hair Dye. These hair colors come in a wide variety of choices.

If you want blue hair, you can go for the Blue Mayhem, Electric Blue, Fish Bowl, Blue Velvet, and Blue Haired Freak. Wild Flower and Mixer Toner.

beautiful purple hair

For violet locks, you can opt for Purple Smoke, Deep Purple, Joyride, Virgin Rose and Pimpin Purple. For red tresses, choose from Candy Apple Red, Nuclear Red, Cherry Bomb, Burgundy Wine, Hot Lava, Blood Red, and Devilish.

Bright red and black hair.

red and black hair

For green hair, try Limelight, Iguana Green or Sonic Green.

green blonde -pastel-hair

As for pink locks, you can go for Atomic pink or Cupcake Pink. Napalm Orange and Hi-Octane Orange give you orange hair like never before. There’s one shade of yellow – Bright as this yellow, and ebony dye known as Pitch Black.

brown hair with pink tips

No matter what color you choose, applying any of these eccentric hair dyes is very easy. The first step is to shampoo your hair. Avoid using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, or putting a conditioner as these make your hair resistant to dyes. Dry your hair well so your locks can absorb more color. Put petroleum jelly around the hairline, and around the ears. Wear gloves before emptying the container. Put the needed amount in a bowl – ½ for short hair, and ¾ for long hair. Apply the hair coloring with a tint brush. Apply enough color to soak your hair with your desired hue. Don’t apply coloring on your scalp. Comb your hair well and let the color remain in your hair from 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse the color off with water.

rainbow-dip-dyed- hair

For best results, you can bleach your hair with the Special Effects Bleach formulation. If you apply Special Effects hair dye on bleached hair, the color will be more intense, and the shade can last for up to two months. If you opt to dye your natural dark hair, the hair dye will only give off a “highlight” effect. The color can last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. If you don’t want to bleach your hair prior to coloring your locks, you can make use of shampoo with a high pH.  It’s better to use a cheaper shampoo because it strips your hair of its coating, which facilitates the absorption of color molecules.

The hair dye will fade with every shampoo. To keep your hair vibrant with color, remember to take special care of it!