Splat Hair Dye

Splat Hair Dye review ! Color your hair and stand out of crowd!

If you want to dye your hair in a totally crazy  color, then what you need is the Splat Hair Dye. It’s the longest-lasting hair color in the market, unlike other dyes that fade easily with repeated washing. Splat Hair Dye applies a protective mask on your hair, keeping it colorful and healthy all at the same time!

Splat-Hair-Color green and purple highlights

Splat Hair Dye has several colors for you to choose from. There’s Orange Fireballs, Aqua Rush, Luscious Raspberries, Lusty Lavender, Pink Fetish, Blue Envy, and Neon Green. If you want a triumvirate of happy dyes on your hair, then you ought to try the Splat Hair Dye in Multi Color. It features three colors – Sweet Ruby, Kelly’s Blue, and Cherry Pop.

purple violet hair color splat
Cool violet hair color

These colors come with a complete kit – Color, Bleach and Peroxide. Once you have decided which color you want, you need to use the oxide and bleach to lighten your locks to a pale blonde color.

Wash the bleach off and dry your hair well. Apply the hair dye to dry hair for best results.

foxy red hair color

Splat’s newest product, the Jet Black Kit, can transform your hair into healthy ebony tresses. The set contains gloves, oxide, and black dye. Because it’s made of reconstructive formulations, it makes your hair shinier and healthier.

blonde with red and blue highlights

Unlike other dyes, it’s made with soy protein and aloe vera which preserves the beauty of your hair.

blue hair  lady gaga

Another innovation from Splat is the Lightening Bleach Kit, perfect for women who wish to have platinum blonde hair. Apart from bleach and oxide, the set contains a shampoo, which removes all the harmful chemicals stuck in your hair for over 90 days.

tie dye hair

The Bleach Kit also has a reconstructor formulation which contains lipids, oils and multi-weight proteins which can restructure your unhealthy tresses to bouncy, healthy ones.


Washable hair dye

Another great thing about Splat is that it has “Washable” Hair Products. So if you want to dye your hair but you want to rinse it off after going to a party, then this product is perfect for you. Washables are available in four colors: Hot 4 Pink, Electric Blue, Purple Swag, and Totally Red.

long pink hair- splat hair dye

Before applying, put a towel around your neck. Apply hair spray on DRY hair, and squeeze the contents of the tube to the applicator brush. Apply the color on segments of your hair which you want to dye. Apply hair spray after brushing the color to keep the dye in your hair for several hours. To remove the color, just wash it out.