Step by Step Voluminous Hair Tutorial

Everyone loves gorgeous and luscious looking hair which is why we, women, spend a great deal of money just to maintain our hair and keep it looking healthy. It’s not an easy thing to do, though. You’ll need to search for the right kinds of products to use on your hair but before you can do that you need a thorough evaluation of it first. Is your hair thick or thin? Is it naturally straight, curly or wavy? Do you have brown, red, black or blonde hair? All these and more need to be considered before you can get your hands on the perfect product to use. Aside from products, some hair types also require certain treatments.

We all want rich, voluminous hair that feels lush to the touch. Here’s a step by step voluminous hair tutorial that might just help you out:

  • Cleaning your hair – clean hair is key to achieving gorgeous volume. To get the best results, use weightless shampoo and conditioner. These products are formulated to add volume and bounce to your hair. Lather up nicely and make sure to get as much dirt out as possible because dirt on hair can weigh it down. Also make sure to rinse thoroughly because, just like dirt, product build up can weigh hair down too.

big hair blonde voluminous hair

  • Drying – when drying your hair, use a towel and pat your hair until it’s damp. Don’t wrap your head up and leave the towel on because this can cause breakage to your hair and damaged hair is very difficult to add volume to. If you’re prone to frizz or if your hair tends to get super dry, apply leave in conditioner (lightweight) and run a wide-toothed comb through.

jlo hair

long voluminous hair

  • Priming – as soon as your hair is damp and no longer soaking wet, apply a good amount of mousse, just enough to get all the base covered and not too much to weigh hair down, on to your roots ONLY. This will help give your hair a good volume boost later on.

sexy hair sexy voluminous hair

  • Drying – after priming comes the drying part. With enough mousse distributed on your roots, flip your hair upside down and start blow drying. When you’re finished, flip it back up and gently run your fingers through to give it a light fluff. Spritz on a light mist of hairspray to hold the body and volume. At this point you’re ready to step out the door but if you want something more polished, proceed to the next step.

short hair with volume voluminous hair with highlights

  • Styling – big, loose curls or waves do a great job at adding even more volume to hair. If you are planning on styling your hair with waves or curls, it is more advisable that you use rollers instead of  curling iron as the latter might take the volume of your hair down. Set your hair in rollers, spritz on a bit of hairspray to help hold the curls and wait about a half an hour before you remove them. Spray on the last mist of hairspray and your hair is all set!

voluminous hair big blonde hair