Strawberry Blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde hair is a beautiful fusion of two famous hair colors – blonde and red. The look first became famous in the 1940’s, when actress Rita Hayworth sported the hair color in the same-named movie. Ever since, many women all over the world have clamored for this unique hair color.

Strawberry Blonde

Who can rock strawberry blonde hair?

Strawberry blonde hair color  is perfect for women with a warm skin tone – those with reddish or golden undertones in their skin, eyes, and hair. In fact, strawberry blonde hair  color is the perfect shade to match a face full of freckles!

Because of its vibrant hue, strawberry blonde hair is the perfect color to go with during the spring.

Before you get your hair dyed in this fun color, consult with a hairstylist or make-up artist first so you can determine whether you have a ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ palette.

Strawberry Blonde hair

How to get strawberry blonde tresses

If you have strawberry blonde hair, congratulations! You possess both of the world’s greatest hair colors.  If you are a redhead, most hairstylists would advise you to expose your hair to the sun to lighten it and achieve the color strawberry blonde.

But if years of sun exposure has done you squat, you can go for hair dyes which can give you the iconic shade of strawberry blonde. To get strawberry blonde hair, you need to follow the cardinal rule of dyeing: bleach your hair first and then apply your hair color of choice. For best results, try Revlon Colorsilk or Garnier’s 100% Vibrant Colors.

Strawberry Blonde hair color

Highlights for your strawberry blonde hair

If you want to add more color and variety to your strawberry blonde hair, you can add some highlights. Best highlight colors for strawberry blonde locks include dark blonde, butterscotch, light wheat, wheat blonde, and gold. When highlighting your tresses, remember to not go above 8-10 streaks.

Strawberry  blonde

Strawberry Blonde long hair

Caring for your strawberry blonde locks

Red-shaded hair colors easily fade. If you can’t commit to a frequent salon appointment, make it a point to use shampoos and conditioners which can enhance and improve your hair color. Try Jason’s Color Sealant product line, or Pantene Pro-V’s red enhancing shampoo.

Strawberry blonde hair is a unique hair color which gives you the power to possess both blonde and red hair. If you have this hair color naturally, or if you have dyed your hair to achieve this hue, remember to take care of your hair. Seek the help of your hairstylist if needed.