Stunning Hairstyle Inspirations from the Headband Trend

Headband can be considered a classic when it comes to hair accessories. They have been around for a really long time and in that time people were able to make different styles, designs and versions of the headband such as the head wrap, the bandana headband and many more. Aside from being stylish and adding instant glam to your look, a headband can also be very useful and functional. It can keep the wind from blowing your hair into your face or it can also keep your bangs from poking your eyes when they start growing out. With all these benefits you can get from the humble headband, there’s no reason to doubt why this piece has become a favorite among women. Here are stunning hairstyle inspirations from the headband trend:

  • Boho inspired hair – boho chic is a fashion style that’s very simple and natural. This style is characterized by it’s laidback and relaxed nature. The best way to finish off a boho chic look is to wear your hair boho style which means wearing a head wrap over your head pulled down to the forehead and with loose waves or curls. This hairstyle is very chic and is often classified as a hippie hairstyle. Celebs like Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift are fond of wearing their headbands with boho inspired hair.

boho hair look boho

  • Fun and whimsical with a floppy bow headband – headbands with big floppy bows attached on to them have become quite the statement this year, especially this season. Big and floppy bows on headbands are a great way to add a fun and whimsical twist to any look. you can wear headbands like these with your hair down or you can also use it to adorn plain and simple hairstyles like buns and ponytails.

bow headband


  • Retro hairstyles with bandana headbands – bandana headbands have been around for a really long time as well but this year, particularly, they became popular because of so many celebs and models sporting them on their hair. If you’re trying to create a retro / vintage look, the best hair accessory to go with your full attire is a bandana headband. Wear it in such a way that the knot shows on top of your head to give it that classic vintage vibe.

bandana bandana retro

  • Ultra thin with an updo – updos used to be plain, sleek and simple. Today, though, messy updos are becoming increasingly popular and what complements these messy updos best are ultra thin headbands. The addition of a simple thin headband to a sexy and gorgeous updo results in a super sophisticated look that you can wear from day to night easily.

ultra thin headband on updo ultra thin

  • Crafty DIY headbands – to all the crafty girls out there, you know how wonderful it is to be able to design your own headband and make them match your outfit perfectly. DIYing your own headband is a very easy thing to do and it’s quite a cheap project to make as well. The results, though, are beyond beautiful as you are able to make a hair accessory that would go perfect with the particular outfit you will be wearing it with.

DIY headband hairstyle DIY headband