Summer Hair Color Issues and Fixes

Summer is coming and I’m pretty sure a lot of you ladies are excited to go to the beach to enjoy the sand sea and sun but before you go and expose your hair to the harsh rays of the sun for prolonged periods of time again, keep in mind that the sun and the sea water (or even pool water) can have an effect on your hair, especially when it’s colored, and that not all these effects are good or pretty. A lot of our issues with our hair have something to do with the sun, the sea or both. Thankfully, most of these hair issues can be fixed right at home with fairly inexpensive products and techniques. Check out these summer hair color issues and fixes and see how you can bring your colored hair back to its glory days.

  • Fried ends – this is one of the most common hair issues that arise not only during summertime but all year long as well though it’s more majorly dominant during hotter days. Having dry tips / ends that look like they’ve been fried means your hair has gone through too much treatment and styling and is now begging you for a breather. You can fix this hair color issue by making sure that you deep condition your hair (focusing on your ends) at least once a week. Using leave on conditioners on the ends everyday helps, too.

platinum blonde hair red head katy perry

  • Brassy blonde – if you have had your hair bleached to a blonde color, especially platinum blonde, and you regularly bathe with hard water, chance are that you’ll notice your hair color looking brassier with time and this is because of the mineral deposits found in the water. Fix brassy blonde hair by using violet shampoo which is a color-correcting shampoo especially formulated for blonde hair to counteract any brassiness / yellowness.

golden blonde hair

chocolate brown hair

  • Green hair – so you thought green hair was a myth until you took a quick dip in the pool and your newly colored blonde hair turned into the color of Incredible Hulk. What to do? Wash up with clarifying shampoo right after getting out of the pool to rid your hair of the copper it accumulated from the pool water which is the primary cause of greenness on your hair. For stubborn streaks of green, ask your hair stylist about a stronger product that can chemically lift discoloration using bleach.

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  • Orangey streaks – if you have brown hair and you spend too much time out in the sun, you’ll soon notice that orange streaks will start to develop on your hair. These streaks will look like some sort of highlights except that they don’t really make your hair color any prettier. These orange streaks on brown hair appear when the hair is exposed to too much sun and heat (be it from natural sources or from styling tools). Get rid of these by spot treating them using tinted hair powders. It’s quick, easy and very convenient too.

dark brunette high and low lights

  • Faded color – no matter what your hair color is, it’s bound to fade into a duller color after prolonged exposure to the sun and accumulation of minerals from the water. Obviously, the easiest way to prevent this is to stay away from the beach but if that’s not possible then make sure you touch up your hair color regularly and use only hair products formulated for color treated hair.

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