The Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

You already tried different kinds of haircuts for curly hair, and none of it lived up to your expectations. Curly hair has never been the easiest to manage. You have probably tried everything just to make it cooperate. It’s always been somewhat annoying to see all those girls with straight hair, they all have it easy. But what if now is the time to flaunt those curls, no matter how unruly it may look? Here are some haircuts for naturally curly hair that you’ll love.

Long Wavy Layered Haircut

This particular haircut for curly hair will work with fine to medium hair that has loose or uneven waves. This look will go well if hair is applied with a mousse instead of a curling spray.

Long Haircuts for Curly Hair

Taylor Swift has a naturally wavy and fluffy hair which goes well with her haircut.


Tousled Curls with Side-Swept Bangs

Ladies with long, wavy hair and loose curls will love this particular haircut. The side-swept bangs adds drama to the whole look.

Beautiful Curly Hairstyle

Emma Stone could pull off this hairstyle easily with her fiery red locks.


Long Haircut with Layers

If you have long hair and tight spiral curls, this is one of the long curly hair styles that you should go for. Curlier hair needs longer layers.

Taming Curly Hair

AnnaLynne McCord managed to tame her mane without making it look frizzy.


Medium Haircut with Long, Minimal Layers

A haircut such as this will work best with voluminous and wavy hair. The long layers help in lessening the heaviness of the hair at the bottom.

Medium Curly Haircut

Andie MacDowell managed to turn a supposedly unruly hair into a glamorous wave.


Relaxed Waves

This haircut is perfect for those girls who don’t mind if their hair is a bit messy, but still looks sexy at the same time.

Relaxed Curly Hair Haircut

Katie Cassidy’s pulls off a sexy look with her carefree-looking hair.


Wavy Bob with Deep Side-Part

Curly hair doesn’t have to look all poofy if it’s cut too short. This hairstyle is red carpet-worthy and rock concert-worthy at the same time.

Cute Curly Haircuts

Jaime King adds glamour to her short haircut with the deep-side part of her hair.


Boho Babe Haircut

Don’t fight off the frizz – learn to deal with it. Make it look more voluminous with the help of a hairspray and blow dryer.

Laidback Haircut Curly Hair

Drew Barrymore rocks with her frizzy (but glamorous) and voluminous haircut.


Shoulder-Length Pageboy Cut

Ladies with thick and tight curls, worry no more. Have this haircut and don’t forget to add long layers at the ends. The haircut does not have to be too long nor too short.

Tight Curly Hair Haircut

Corinne Bailey Rae’s haircut is just right for her – not too long, and not too short.


Extremely Layered Long Cut

A wavy and relaxed hair that is medium dense will benefit well with this haircut. The layers keep the hair sexy, instead of just having one single layer.

Popular Curly Hair Haircut

Jordin Sparks’ layers help add hair movement.


Layered Pixie

A short haircut for curly hair would be something new for the ladies. Don’t be afraid to chop off those locks. Add longer layers to the front to add more glamour to your hairstyle.

Short Curly Haircuts

Vanessa Hudgens’ naturally coarse, wavy hair would have grown curlier if she didn’t cut those long locks of hers.

The best haircut for curly hair usually depend on the shape of your face. But don’t just let it be. Now that you have your gorgeous haircut, what to do next? Proper maintenance is also another factor to keep your curly hair style looking gorgeous. You’d want your hair to be easy to manipulate. You will do that by having as much moisture to your curly hair as possible. Having the best haircuts for curly hair is just the start, maintaining it at its best is what you should focus on.

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