The Best of Beyonce’s Hairstyles to Copy Right Now

If there’s one celebrity that I know a lot of women look up to for inspiration on beauty, fashion and hair, it’s Beyonce. Over the years, the Queen Bey has pulled off many different looks, most of which look super slick and gorgeous on her, so I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you out there are waiting for the next look she’d be wearing. One thing that I particularly anticipate from her is hair. She’s always got something new brewing for her fans and, whether you admit it or not, you know you want to try some of her ‘dos, too! Check out this list of the best of Beyonce’s hairstyles to copy right now for inspiration overload.

  • BOX BRAIDS – remember when Bey used to have long hair in box braids? She looked ethereal with that ‘do! I loved it when her hair was down just like that but I think her updos looked pretty cool with the box braids, too. Box braids are perfect if you want to add lots of texture to your hair. Maintenance can be a little tricky and tedious, though.

beyonce box braids box braid perfection box braids long and down

box braids on bey

  • STICK STRAIGH WITH FULL BANGS – another crowd favorite from Beyonce’s many looks is her stick straight hair with full eye-grazing bangs. This, to me, made the Queen look more posh and sleek. It was very sophisticated yet it also had that cool, edgy vibe to it.

straight bangs straight hair with bangs straight hair with full bangs straight hair

  • HALF UPDO WITH A POOF – the Bey Bouffant in a half updo is another must try when it comes to the Queen’s signature hairstyles. This hairstyle may not be exclusive to Beyonce but I’m sure you’ll all agree with me when I say she’s one of the best, if not actually the best, to sport and own this look.

bey half updo bey bouffant bouffant half updo half updo with bouffant

  • CRAZY CURLS – whenever Beyonce leaves her hair in wild, unruly curls, I can’t help but think how lucky she is to look so good with that big mess of a hair. But then again, messy is in right now so it’s not surprising that her almost-natural curly ‘do looks so perfect on her.

sexy curly hair brown messy curls crazy curly hair curly hair beyonce

  • WAVY LOB – ooh, this one has got to be the best one yet. The color, the cut, the style – everything about Beyonce’s wavy lob (long bob) is perfection! It has a very sexy, beach-y look to it but it’s not bad for fall and winter either.

wavy long bob wavy long bob hair wavy lob wavy bob look

  • SUPER SHORT BANGS – there has been much debate on whether this hairstyle looked good on Bey or not and I personally think that it does. She looks younger with much shorter bangs, if you ask me. It frames her face beautifully, too, and not a lot of women can pull off bangs that short.

supe short bangssexy short bangs beyonce ultra short bangs golden brown blonde with short bangs