Things to Do With Your Hair to Get a New Look

Sometimes you just get the feeling that you want to do something about your looks but you’re afraid to do something too big, too bold or too drastic because it may not look good on you. So, what can you do when you get this urge to change up your looks? One of the safest and easiest routes to take is to change something about your hair. Doing something different with your hair can instantly change your looks. If you’ve been itching to switch up your style, check out this list of things to do with your hair to get a new look and see which one you like best.

  • Cut it short – if you’ve always worn your hair long, why not try going for a chop? There are tons of guides on what short hairstyle would look good on specific face shapes so you can scour the internet for those and see if there’s anything you like or you can always ask your hairstylist about it. If you’ve been with them long enough, they should know which cut would suit you best.

asymmetrical short hair sexy wispy chop

  • Sport extensions – on the other hand, if you’ve always had short hair and can’t wait to sport a new look, extensions are a great way to have longer hair in an instant. What’s great about wearing hair extensions is that you can get really good quality ones that blend in perfectly to your hair so it looks natural and seamless. You can even style these hair extensions like you would your natural hair so it feels real and looks definitely real, too!

seamless hair extensions

red hair extensions

  • Add highlights – getting bored of your dull-looking hair? How about adding some highlights to make your hair look more exciting? Highlights are great if you want to add depth and dimension to your hair. You can do it yourself at home or you can also go to a professional to have it done. While you’re at it, you may want to consider getting low lights as well to really bring out and enhance your hair’s natural / base colors.

subtle highlights and lowlights perfect highlight colors

  • Change your hair color – another thing that you can do to really change up your look is to change your hair color. If you’ve always been a blonde, maybe it’s time to try being a brunette or a redhead or if you don’t want to leave the blonde hue, you can always try a different shade of blonde instead like strawberry blonde or platinum blonde. There are so many fun hair colors out there that you can try so don’t be afraid to try them out.

brght orange hair platinum blonde hair

  • Add bangs – want to do something different to your hair but don’t want to totally cut it? Adding bangs to your hair is another great way to switch up your look without doing anything big and drastic. Depending on your face shape and / or your style you can have your bangs cut straight across, swept to the side, wispy or blunt. When done right, bangs can beautifully frame your face to highlight your facial features.

side swept bangs cute full bangs