Tips for Going to a Hair Appointment with Your Stylist

Going to the salon for a hair appointment is the easiest way to get the best treatments for your hair, whether it’s for a haircut, a dye job or other hair pampering regimen. While a lot of women opt to do these at home to save some cash, having a professional hairstylist do it for you is just better. All you need to do is sit there and wait for the job to get done and you’re off to wherever you wanna go. Also having your hair needs done by a stylist minimizes the risk for damage and errors. Here are a few tips for going to a hair appointment with your stylist.

  • Set an appointment beforehand to avoid long hours of waiting – this is especially important if the salon that you go to is popular and regularly frequented by many other patrons. If you’re not the kind who likes to wait a lot, make sure to set an appointment beforehand, at least a day or two before your intended day of visit, and make sure you get there on time or earlier.

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  • Research on your preferred cut – if you’re going in for a haircut, it’s always better to have an idea of the style of cut that you want rather than just going in and being indecisive about it the whole process through. Scour magazine pages and look for pictures from the internet and, and this is going to sound really old fashioned, bring it to your stylist. This way, your stylist also has a clear view of what you want him to do with your hair.

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  • Speak up and be honest – if you think that your hair stylist is cutting off a bit more than what you originally had in mind, politely tell him to cut less. You should also be honest about your opinion on the final result. In case you don’t like it or think he could’ve done something else to a specific area, tell your stylist about it. He may have something up his sleeve to fix what you don’t like about your hair. Of course, you should also be honest and tell them what a good job they did if you get great results.

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  • Communicate well – another key to getting the best result out of your hair appointment is to communicate well with your stylist. Be vocal about what you want and make sure your stylist understands every single detail of what you want your hair to look like later. Explain the exact details and use examples for reference. This will make your stylist feel more comfortable and confident in delivering the results. Stylists appreciate it when clients tell them what they want instead of making them guess.

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  • Don’t forget to leave a tip – leaving a tip for your stylist, especially after you’ve told them how much you love your new look, will help ensure the start of a good working relationship between the two of you. How much you leave as a tip for them varies from person to person but most women agree on giving anywhere between 5 to 10% of the total cost of the job done. You might also want to be extra generous in case your stylist went out of their way to service you. Leave a generous tip and you can expect the best service in your next hair appointments to come.

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