Tips for Successfully Cutting Your Own Hair

Getting a haircut can be such a tough decision to make, especially if you’ve had your long hair forever. To get it chopped and start over in finding ways to rock a new look can have you feeling really anxious. I guess what really makes some women nervous about getting a hair cut is their fear that the stylist wouldn’t have their hair looking the way they planned and wanted it to. Sure, you can be cross, tell them they didn’t do a good job, have your family and friends boycott the salon where you had your hair cut but at the end of the day, your hair stays the way it is because the damage has been done. If you’re very particular about the way you want your hair cut, perhaps you should try cutting your hair yourself. That way, you can have the exact hair you want. Here are a few tips for successfully cutting your own hair:

  • Practice – you know what they say: “practice makes perfect”. Before you actually cut your hair, it would be a good idea to practice first. You can do it on your bangs every now and then, on an inexpensive wig. Ask if any of your family or friends are willing to become your test subjects but do cut their hair with caution, you wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

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  • Watch and observe – you may not be paying any salon a visit for a personal appointment any time soon if you’re planning on cutting your hair  by yourself but that  doesn’t mean you avoid places like this altogether. Tag along with a friend who’s going to get a haircut and watch and observe how the pros do it. You can also go online to watch video tutorials on how other people cut their own hair. You’ll be amazed at how there are so many ways you can do it since techniques vary from one person to the other.

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  • Invest in a great pair of scissors – if you plan on cutting your hair by yourself for a long time (or forever), it’s best to invest in a really good pair of cutting scissors. Not just any kind of scissors, though. Get the same kind that professionals use because those are the ones that produce the best results and the cleanest cuts. Using scissors that are not meant for haircuts can leave your hair with split ends, uneven, blunt and ugly cuts. They may be expensive but if you’re planning of using them for the long run, you’ll definitely get more than your buck’s worth.

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  • Prep your hair – you can’t just cut your hair the instant you feel like it! Why do you think they offer shampoo and conditioning services at the salon before they cut your hair? Your hair needs preparation before getting cut. It’s always best to start with clean hair so shampoo and condition your hair and detangle it with a wide toothed comb once it’s damp and then clip your hair into manageable sections.

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  • Snip little by little – don’t rush your haircut, especially if it’s your first time. Cut your hair an inch or two at a time so that you can see how you like it with every snip and stop when you start to see something go wrong. This lessens the risk of you ending up with the nightmare of a DIY haircut gone wrong.

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