Top 4 Best Products to Repair Damaged Hair

Healthy, shiny hair is something we all want to have but it’s not really something that’s easy to achieve. With all the new technology for hair tools we have available to get glamorous hairstyles done easily every day, it can be difficult to resist not exposing your hair to these tools and to the heat they transfer and generate. Aside from the damaged caused by most hair tools, sun exposure, humidity and pollution also cause the hair to get damaged and become weak which, later on, could lead to breakage. If your hair is suffering from all these, check out these top 4 best products to repair damage hair.

  • Redken Shampoo and Conditioner duo – so here’s what people normally think about shampoos and conditioners: shampoo is for cleaning and conditioner is for softening. They also think that using a different shampoo and conditioner is fine since each product has a different job anyway. Well, while there is some truth to that, shampoo and conditioning can actually work much better when you use a duo, meaning a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand formulated to be used with each other. One good brand that makes great shampoo and conditioner duo is Redken. If you have damaged hair, try out their All Soft Shampoo and All Soft Conditioner and see the difference that it makes on your hair. Not only does it cleanse and strengthen but it also helps restore and repair hair.

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  • Tresemme Split Rememdy – got split ends? well, scissors used to be the only remedy to get rid of those but now, you can fix it with Tresemme Split Remedy which is a serum that acts like a glue and magnets split ends together again, leaving your lock looking healthier and less dull. The effects of this serum is temporary for already existing split ends but it can prevent future split ends from developing if used regularly. We suggest you get a trim to get rid of all pre-existing split ends before you commit to using this everyday for the prevention of new split ends.

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  • Pantene Pro-V 2-Minute Moisture Hair Masque Deep Conditioner – we all know that deep conditioning once a week is essential if you want healthier hair, regardless of whether your locks are damaged or not but when they are, it’s better to use a deep conditioning treatment that’s extra-hydrating to revive your hair. This deep conditioner from Pantene will camouflage dryness and dullness in your hair for days after using and while it is doing that, it’s also working to rebuild the damage in your hair.

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  • John Freida Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer – got stubborn flyaway hair that just won’t back down and join the rest of your hair for a polished look? Don’t iron that bit into submission, you’ll only add more damage to your hair. Instead, try the John Freida Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer. It looks like a jumbo tube of mascara with a giant spoolie applicator which works perfect for precise application. Just dip the spoolie in the tube, run it through your hair and watch the flyaways get tamed.

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