Top 5 Hottest Hairstyles for Spring 2014

Spring hairstyles are all about looking girly and romantic. Looking back at Spring Fashion Week, you’ll see that most hairstyles include feather accessories, spray painted ponytails as well as updos that are showered with gold flecks. While these hairstyles may be quite gorgeous and glamorous, they’re not exactly meant for everyday wear. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear trendy spring hairstyles on a regular basis anymore. The hairstyles straight from the runways of spring fashion week are great hairstyles to take inspiration from to create more toned-down dos for a daily look. Here are 5 of the hottest inspired hairstyles for spring 2014 that you can recreate and wear every day.

  • Windswept updos – fake the look of wind blowing on your face with every step you take by doing a windswept updo inspired by the hairstyles from the runway of spring fashion week 2014. This hairstyle is messy but sexy with loose tendrils falling off the front of your face. The body of a windswept updo is loose, like only your fingers were used to smoothen it. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to start with textured hair (wavy, tousled) and work your way into the updo of your choice.

windswept updo windswept

  • Loose hair with mixed textures – if in fashion, mixing and matching prints and patterns is going to be a big hit for spring 2014, mixed textures are going to be one of the biggest trend for hair. To get this look for everyday wear, you can wear your hair straight with big, voluminous curls at the ends. You can also wear it sleek and glossy on top and messy when it comes to the bottom part. Other textures to work with include waves, crimps, braids and straw curls.


mixed textures

  • Bangs and natural waves – bangs are going to make a huge comeback in this year’s spring hair trends. of course, different face shapes call for different styles of bangs but the best way to wear your bangs for spring this year, no matter what style, is with natural looking waves a la Zooey Deschanel. This will give you that flirty, girly look which is what spring hairstyles are all about.

bangs hair bangs

  • Romantic medieval braids – braids for spring 2014 are going to be the complete opposite of last year’s plaits. Last year, braids were worn as tight and as sleek as possible. This year, though, braids are going to be more laidback and relaxed, reliving the romantic medieval style. Braids are going to be long, chunky, messy and romantic – the perfect way to do them if you plan to wear them everyday.

braided hair braids

  • Ornate ponytails – this spring is the time to up your ponytail game more than ever if you want to keep up with the trends and one way to get that done is by dressing up your ponytail and wearing it different ways. Ornate ponytails are going to take over for a while this spring so make sure you experiment with yours every now and then so you’re ready when spring comes.

ornate ornate ponytail