True or False: Myths About Color Treated Hair

There are lots of things that you need to know before you color your hair. Things like which colors and shades will look good on you and which ones will make you look horrible, which brands will not irritate your skin, which ones will last the longest, how to make your hair color last and how to take care of color treated hair are all important things to know before you decide to color your hair. Aside from that, there are also tons of myths about color treated hair that you need to keep in mind. Some of these actually work and do your hair good while some don’t. Here’s a list of hair myths about color treated hair and a guide to whether you should believe and follow them or not.

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  • Consider your skin tone and natural hair color when picking a color to dye your hair – TRUE. Your skin tone and your natural hair color are actually two of the biggest factors you should consider when picking a color to dye your hair. The general rule with picking out a new color is to choose one that’s two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. As for using skin tone as your guide, light skinned women should lean towards light to medium brown shades, blonde hues, and reds while medium and olive skinned women should go for deeper and richer hues like auburn, chocolate brown or dark blonde and women who have dark skin should stick to warm browns and blacks.



  • Mayonnaise works great for deep conditioning colored hair – FALSE. A lot of women believe that mayonnaise makes a great deep conditioning treatment for color treated hair and while there may be some truth to that, it doesn’t apply to everyone. If you have thing hair, you may find that a deep conditioning mayonnaise treatment will weigh your hair down. If you don’t mind spending some extra cash, get yourself a deep conditioning treatment from the salon. They’ll know which formula is best to use for the kind of hair you have.

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  • Use products specially made for colored hair after dyeing – TRUE. A lot of people neglect color treated hair by continuing to use their regular hair products after getting their hair dyed and then they wonder why they have dry and lackluster hair. Color treated hair is a bit tricky to deal with. Using hair products that are specially formulated hair can really help make your colored hair softer, shinier and more vibrant plus it can also make your color last longer.

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  • Dye your eyebrows to match your hair – FALSE. This is a common mistake people make when they pick a color that’s far from their natural color. In reality and in all honesty, you don’t really need exact matching colors on your hair and eyebrows. A little contrast is interesting. Also, placing chemicals such as hair dye too close to your eyes can be dangerous. If you want your hair and brows to match, use an eyebrow pencil instead.

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