Ways to Dress up a Regular Bun

The bun is one of the first hairstyles we’ve learned at a young age. It’s a simple hairstyle that you can do on days when you just want to have your hair up and away from your face. it’s one of the most versatile hairstyles out there, too. You can wear it with a simple and casual look but you can definitely wear it with fancy and elegant looks as well. Though it may already seem great on its own, there are so many other ways that you can make this hairstyle look better and more chic. Check out our list of ways to dress up a regular bun and see how you can achieve so many different looks inspired by just a single very simple hairstyle.

  • With braids – if you want to wear your bun with a bit of a romantic twist to it, you can simply add braids to achieve a lovely romantic look. There are lots of different braid styles that you can incorporate into a bun and there are also lots of ways to sneak a braid or two in. Adding braids to your hair not only makes it look romantic, it also adds texture to the whole hairstyle, making it more interesting. Depending on how much texture you want to add to your hairstyle, you can have the whole bun braided or just have little ones added on the side.

crown braid bun side braid bun

  • Coiled bun – sporting a coiled bun is perfect if you’re looking for a hairstyle that can easily take you from day to night. Coiled buns are super easy to make and when you take it off at the end of the day to let your hair down, you’ll end up with really gorgeous and natural-looking waves

simple coiled bun

multi coil bun

  • Bow bun – the bow bun has become one of Lady Gaga’s signature hairstyles and it’s been quite popular in Hollywood for a while with other stars like Paris Hilton sporting the same bun style. at first glance, you’ll have the impression that the bow bun is a difficult hairstyle to make but when you figure out how to do it, you’ll be amazed at how simple it actually is and how quick it is to make. If you’re wondering how you can sport this cute bow bun look, check out the step by step photo guide we have below.

cute bow bun bow bun how to

  • Bun with headband – the simplest accessory that you can add to a regular bun is a headband. It’s foolproof and is sure to look gorgeous plus, the headband will help heaps in keeping hair away from your face. For a sleek look, do a tight bun and add on a thin plastic headband. If you’re going for a Boho chic kind of look, on the other hand, just wear any cute headband with a messy, wavy bun. You can also do a romantic bun and add on an embellished headband for a bridal look.


messy bun and heaband jewel headband and bow

  • Looped bun – if you have long hair and you like wearing intricate-looking hairstyles, you can experiment with looping sections of hair into one another to create an ornate bun. What’s great about doing a looped bun is that there’s really no exact look that you should achieve, just do your thing and see what you can come up with.

looped bun with hair jewel single loop knotted bun