What hair color is right for me – Find the best hair color for skin tone.

Hair colors for your skin tone and eye color.

A new hair color revamps your look and makes you feel more confident and beautiful. But what hat hair color is right for you ? Before you dye your hair and regret it right after, you need to consider these before you give your hair a new hue: your skin tone and your eye color.

cool-medium- warm -skin tones

 Cool skin color and eye tone

People with cool skin tone usually have a fair skin tone  with  almost blue undertone . They have freckled, pale, and ruddy skin. If you have rosy cheeks, then you also fit under this complexion.

A person with a cool eye color, on the other hand, boasts of a   gray, blue, brown, or blue eye tone.

If you fall under this category, a  light blonde ,dark blonde, medium brown, or vibrant red hair dye will make your skin tone and eye color pop out. Veer away from a golden blonde, warm red, or bronzy hue, for these colors can make you look sickly.

Hair colors for cool skin tone:

cool skin tone and red hair


cool skin tone blonde hair color.jpg















Warm skin color and eye tone

If you have an intermediate to dark brown skin color, or if you have skin that gets tanned immediately, then you have a warm skin tone. A turquoise, golden brown, or green eye color is characterized as a warm eye color. If you possess any of these traits, a light blonde, golden brown, or ginger red hair dye will work best for your complexion. Stay away from ash-colored dyes because this color will make you look older than your real age.

jennifer-lopez- warm skin tone

warm skin tone  brown hair













warm skin tone


Neutral eye tone and skin color

If you fall under this category, kudos! You can dye your hair any way you want, because a cream skin tone goes well with any hue.

With a neutral skin or eye color, red and gold hair dyes can accentuate your look. Chocolate brown and sandy blonde are also good color selections. If you like, you can go for a hair dye which makes your eye color stand out more. For those with dark-colored eyes, choose an exotic type of hair dye like dark wine. This will make your eyes the focal point on your face. Put on cosmetics that complement your new hair color and for sure, you will truly stand out in the crowd.

olivia_palermomay neutral skin tone.jpg

demi moore neutral skinMore tips on how to pick the right hair color !

When picking a hair dye, you need to keep in mind to choose a color that goes best with the hair color you are born with.

For a more natural appearance, opt for a hair dye that is two shades near your original hair color. This change is gradual, and will not shock you once you see yourself in the mirror.