What Winter Hairstyle Should You Go For?

Winter, to some people, marks the year’s end and one of the things that people like to do before ending the year and starting a new one is to do something different with their looks. Makeovers are very popular during winter but for some people who aren’t ready for a beauty overhaul, a simple new hairstyle is often enough for them to welcome the coming year ahead. If you also have the tradition of doing something new to your looks before the year ends and if a new hairstyle is what you’re aiming for this year, have you already picked out and narrowed down your options for your new do? What winter hairstyle should you go for? Read on below and see what winter hairstyle would look good on you.

  • Bob – bobs are usually very popular for summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for winter. Having your hair cut / done into a bob is a really nice way to keep it manageable. With so many holiday parties coming up this winter, it would be nice to have your hair in something that’s not too much of a hassle to mind and take care of. Get bob hairstyle inspirations from celebs like Rihanna, Kaley Cuoco and Paris Hilton.

bob bob cut

  • Pixie Cut – if you’ve always had long hair, a pixie cut is something that will definitely give you a fresh new look to welcome the new year with. Getting a pixie cut for the first time may be a little scary but as you become more comfortable with it, you’ll realize how easy it is to have this instead of long hair as it’s much more manageable and requires less maintenance. What’s more is that when your pixie cut grows, you can have it trimmed into a stunning bob. Emma Watson is one of the hottest celebs to sport a pixie cut but Anne Hathaway looks amazing in it, too!

pixie cut hair

pixie cut pixie

  • Pin straight hair with full bangs – not everyone can pull of a hairstyle with bangs, let alone a full one that’s cut straight across the forehead. If you’re one of the lucky few who has an amazing face shape that goes well with any kind of hairstyle, though, and you want to spice up your looks, why not have it pin straight with full bangs? This hairstyle is gorgeous on medium to long hair. Taylor swift has been seen sporting the same hairstyle which is a refreshing break from her usual romantic curls.

straight hair straight hair bangs

  • Boho beachy waves – Boho beachy hair is something that you’ll if you want to add volume and body to your hair without the curls. Boho beach waves are more loose and relaxed compared to regular waves and curls. You can achieve this by going for a perm or by doing it yourself at home with the help of hair products like styling gel and mousse and hair tools such as a curling iron. The former is an option you can take if you want boho beachy waves on your hair semi-permanently while the latter is temporary.

boho hair boho waves boho