Attractive Hairstyles for long faces

There are hairstyles which make long faces look stunning and attractive, for hairstyles have mostly been our concern most of the time, we always keeping changing them according to the fashion and trend and some have worries that most styles may not suit them as they have long faces,  just have a look at these hairstyles and make it your style. Get your hair styled from a talented stylist who wouldn’t mess with your hair but rather leaving behind a beautiful looking face and an admirable hairstyle.

bob hairstyle for long face

Short and curly:

This hair style if for the short hairstyle lovers and will look elegant as well as sexy, just blowdry your hair and curl them at the ends for this flawless looks, or let them be wavy from the top and curly at the bottom. You can add side bangs to make your face look better, and they can either be center parted or side partitioned.

messy curly hair with bottom curls

Curly hairstyle for long face

side combed curly hairstyle

side combed hairstyle

Side ponytail:

This side ponytail for straight hair is looking so stylish isn’t it? If your hair texture is straight and silky, or you’ve undergone a straight hair therapy just tie your hair at the side into a knot or using a hair accessory to secure the ponytail, and walk with style.

side ponytail for long face

Bob cut:

Bob cut is always fashionable and will look stunning for those with long faces, to add more detail to the style you can have your hair cut in the front in even way or lengthy side bangs for tousled, and freaky fashionable look. Lengthy bangs at one side will make it look even more stunning and you can highlight them with hair color in just streaks for even color that boosts the style, add shine using a shine serum.


bob cut for long face


Lengthy side bangs with bob cut for long face


fashionable style for long face


Layer cut for curly hairs

These layers for curly hair will look so sexy hot and will add volume to the hair. Go in for a layer cut, with front bangs that are either short or long according to your preference, bangs always make long faces look good.

Layer cut for curly hair

Straight hair:

Straight hair will also look good for long faces and you can leave them just free flowing and those with long straight hair can have it center partitioned or side portioned whichever suits your facial structure and looks.

lovely straight hair

Feather cut:

Feather cut is yet another cut that will add definition and volume to straight hair just like the layers and will add on to the beauty of the style.

feather cut for long face