Hairstyles that Look Good with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are very bold and strong. Not everyone can rock blunt bangs and not everyone is brave enough to even try getting them done on their hair. To some, blunt bangs look tacky and distasteful but if you’ve got the confidence and the attitude to strut blunt bangs and you know what hairstyles to wear with it, blunt bangs can actually make for a very unique, statement-making signature look. Below are some of the hairstyles that we think would look gorgeous with blunt bangs:

  • The classic bun – this hairstyle is not called a classic for no reason. There are just so many ways to wear a bun and every single one seems to be a perfect tweak to it. adding blunt bangs to a classic bun also looks very pretty. It’s fun and youthful but at the same time it is also very polished and sophisticated. Whether it’s  a top knot bun or a low bun, the blunt  bangs are sure to make this classic even more awesome.

blunt bangs and braided bunsblunt bangs and bun

  • Sleek, straight hair – sleek,  pin straight hair never looked as gorgeous and posh as it does when it’s worn with equally straight blunt bangs. Celebrities have sported this super chic and sophisticated look countless times and a number of them have even proved that a hairstyle this simple can look so amazingly fabulous on the red carpet.

blunt bangs straight hiar

straight hair blunt bangs

  • Romantic, wavy hair – blunt bangs are so versatile they can look great on straight hair and on romantic wavy hair as well. Adding blunt bangs to hair with soft waves create an interesting contrast. It also adds a bit of an edge and fierceness to the otherwise girly and flirty look. Blunt bangs and wavy hair is also a very popular choice for celebrities on the red carpet because it makes them look effortlessly chic.

soft shiny waves and blunt bangsblunt bangs and wavy hair

  • Blunt bangs and a bob – if there’s any hairstyle or haircut that goes with blunt bangs so well, it’s the bob. There’s just something about the bob that oozes power, sophistication and sexiness and adding blunt bangs to it can only make it so much more appealing. Whether you have an asymmetrical bob or not and whether it’s just been cut or already growing out, blunt bangs always make a great accompaniment for bob cuts.

blunt bangs and bobelegant blunt bangsasian bob and bangsbob and blunt bangs

Now that you know which hairstyles and haircuts go well with blunt bangs, go out with confidence and be bold enough to try it out.