Have Some Sparkles with Glitter Nails

One of the best things of being a woman is you can wear glitter nails. No doubt about it, this nail art brings out the girl in you. There are endless numbers of glitter nail art styles. Glitter nails add sparkle to your whole look. No matter how plain your outfit is, when you have glitters on your nails, you would not look so ordinary. Some women may think that having something sparkly on your nails would only be for little girls, but here are some designs that can suit adults too.

Glitter nails tutorial

There is a glitter nail polish color that will suit your style the best. However, if you are not contented, you can add embellishments to your nail art such as the ones on the image.

Embellished Pink Nail Art


You can play with your nails any way that you want. Having glitter nail does not need to be complicated. Here is a simple style that you can copy.

Girly Pink Glitter Nails


Some women just can’t settle for one nail art design. You can have different designs on each nail for a change.

Multi Design Glitter Manicure


Most little girls would want to look like Barbie. But now that you’re all grown up, you can show that girly side of yours with how you do your nails.

Pink Glitter Pretty Manicure


Put winter on your fingernails with silver glitter nail polish. It will be like winter wonderland in no time with this design.

Pretty Silver Glitter Nails


Aside from the nail polish with small glitters, there are also others that have larger glitters. If you don’t know how to apply the bigger glitters, here’s an idea.

Red Glitter Nail Art


Is having full glitter nails too much for you? Here is one style where you can get glitter for nails, but not too much.

Short Glitter Nail Art


This is a simple nail design that you can have. You will use a plain color as a base and glitter for nails on clear nail polish.

Simple Pink Glitter Nails


Another style that can pass as a snowy winter wonderland is this design. You will just use a plain black nail polish and some nail polish with glitter.

Snowy Glitter Nail Art


If you’re up for more intricate designs but you haven’t got enough time, you can purchase glitter fake nails and you will have sparkling fingers in just a few minutes.

Zigzag Pink Glitter Manicure


Being an adult does not mean that you have to suppress some of the things that you wanted as a little girl. Having these kinds of nails may not pass as formal, but whenever you feel like you want to have fun, glitter nails is one of your best choices.