Homemade Natural Face Powder!

Homemade Natural Face Powder!
Morning, everyone! Lately I’ve been trying to find ways to cut costs and take the more natural route when it comes to what goes on my body and what is used around the house (ex: diy cleaning solutions, laundry soap, natural face masks, etc.) Thanks to pinterest, I’ve found what I was looking for (and more! pinterest has an endless amount of DIY goodness.)
About a week and a half ago, I found myself running out of loose powder make-up. I always use a tiny bit after I apply a dab of liquid foundation to “balance” out the color and get rid of excess shine. And since I don’t want to shell out $7 for more, to the internet I went! I found the answer… cornstarch. It sounds weird but I’m telling you – it is awesome.
My combination skin can be annoying sometimes; It’s dry in some places, normal in others, and after a few hours, there are always a couple of spots that are prone to unwanted shine (which is why I use face powder in the first place.) I wanted to try it out for at least a week before writing a post about my results. I decided to give it the ultimate test; an all day/night at the Rose Festival event here in Portland, which consits of crazy fast-paced rides, games, food, and more. So that morning, I woke up, did my make-up, powdered on a tiny amount of cornstarch, left our house, and spent all day and night at the festival. My skin was shine-free and soft ALL DAY. Not one oily spot even though I was super hot through out the day. I couldn’t believe it! While my family was wiping off sweat from their face, I still had make-up that looked like I just put it on. success!
I’ll give you the rundown of what I use and how I do it.
what: I used Argo cornstarch (yellow container, blue lid.)
when: after you
apply foundation or whenever during the day.
how: load up your brush, vigorously tap off the excess, and swipe it over your face.
how much: for a whole days worth, use a tiny amount.
Homemade Face Powder!

as you can see from the picture above, I experimented a bit to see how I can incorporate cornstarch in other ways in my make-up routine. I’ve found that mixed with blush created a very pretty color (which is bonus points in my case since my blush is one shade too darker than I like.)

The only downside is cornstarch is very, very white, so unless you’re super pale, I highly recommend mixing the cornstarch with a little bit of regular face powder (or you can use un-sweetened cocoa powder!) try different ratios, mix it up, and see what you come up with. No matter how you do it, you’ll save some cash and hopefully be pleasantly surprised with how crazy-awesome it controls shine. give it a shot, tell me what you think! You might love it!