Hot Clubbing Makeup Looks to Try Out

Aside from the perfect clubbing outfit, there’s one more thing we all like to spend time on before we go for a night out and that’s our clubbing makeup look. Pulling off the perfect makeup look can be a little tricky. You’ll want something that’s fun and pretty but also a little sexy and flirty. You want to look chic, sleek and a little edgy and not (and I mean never) trashy or cheap. On top of it all, you’ll want your makeup to stay on your face until the end of the night so you don’t end up looking like you have a messy blob for a face. Here are some hot clubbing makeup looks to try out.

  • Sexy, sultry smoky eyes – take your good ol’ smoky eye to a whole other level by using the deepest, darkest, warmest shades you can find in your eye shadow arsenal. What’s great about a really dark smoky eye is that you wouldn’t need to bother yourself too much with blending it perfectly and evenly. Use a creamy eye liner on the bottom lash line and do a little smudge for that sexy messy look. Urban Decay’s smoked palette has gorgeous, dark sultry colors for the ultimate clubbing smoky eye.

smoky eye look smoky eye

  • Glossy nude lips – have you noticed anything that the sexiest celebs have in common when it comes to their makeup looks? That’s right. They all rock glossy nude lips. Just take a look at Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Paris Hilton. Glossy nude lips give you that perfect sex kitten-ish kind of pout. You don’t even have to worry about the rest of your makeup. Just those pouty puckers are enough to get the boys lining up to buy you a drink.

nude lips makeup

nude lips

  • Raging red lips – now, if you’re the kind of stylista who can’t live without color on their lips, you may not like the idea of glossy nude lips that much. Don’t worry, there’s one easy alternative to those that are just as sexy and seductive and that’s some seriously raging red lips. Choose the reddest of all the red lipsticks you have in your makeup kit and swipe it on like nobody’s business. Top it off with some gloss and you’re done! All you need to do now is sport a pouty lip all night long.

red red lips

  • Golden eyes – another hot makeup look you can wear when you go clubbing is gold eye makeup. The key to making your gold eye makeup really stand out is to choose an eye shadow that really packs a punch when it comes to shimmer. Generously apply gold shadow all over the lids and bring it a little up to the crease. Dab some on the inner corners, too, to get livelier eyes. If you want to take ths look up a notch, go for gold shadow that has chunks of gold glitter in it instead.

gold makeup gold

  • Kohl-rimmed eyes – want something quick for a night full of partying? Kohl-rimmed eyes always make your eyes look sexy and tantalizing plus they’re really easy to touch up too. Don’t worry about kohl being smudged as you sweat off on the dance floor. The smudged look is really hot for clubbing makeup too!

kohl eyes kohl rimmed