How to Choose Colors that Compliment Your Eyes

Eyes, they say, are the windows to one’s soul and with that having been sad, wouldn’t you want to keep a pretty window for people to look in so they can see your beautiful soul? Eyes are one of the most attractive features of a person. Some are lucky to have really sexy tantalizing eyes while others are blessed with gorgeous doe eyes and some with piercing bold eyes. One other thing that makes eyes really stunning is their color. Blue eyes are very much coveted by a lot of people, green eyes are very sexy and mysterious, brown eyes are rich and soulful and so are hazel eyes but do you know what colors to wear in makeup, clothes, hair and all, to make the color of your eyes really stand out and pop? Here’s a quick guide on how to choose colors that compliment your eyes:

  • Brown eyes– brown eyes are very sensual. They exude an aura that’s deep, warm and rich. Women with brown eyes are lucky because they most colors will flatter and compliment their eyes. For a soft, every day look, neutrals like brown, grey and black would go great with brown eyes. A sexy smokey eye can be achieved with bronze, beige and chocolate brown. Other colors that look fantastic on brown eyes include purple (most shades, depending on skin tone), copper, green, blue, silver, gold, coral, aqua, mahogany, amber and blunt orange.

brown eyes makeup brown eyes brown

  • Hazel eyes – hazel eyes look very close and similar to brown eyes except that they have a sort of orangey tint. Accentuating hazel eyes can make them look nice and warm. Most colors that work for brown eyes will also work for hazel eyes. These colors include purple (especially those with deep, dark tones like plum, deep purple, violet and aubergine), brown (all shades of brown – soft, light, deep, dark, will work with hazel eyes), green, and anything with gold tones. Unlike brown eyes, though, hazel eyes do not go very well with the color blue so do try to avoid it.

hazel eyes makeup hazel eyes hazel

  • Blue eyes – blue eyes are very pretty and with the right colors, you can make your blue eyes look exceptionally stunning. Some of the most recommended color for women with blue eyes include color with an orange tint like copper, peach, coral, rust and bronze. Cool colors like pink, light violet or lavender, midnight blue and turquoise all compliment blue eyes well, too. As for neutrals, brown, khaki, white and gray compliment blue eyes best.

blue eyes blue

  • Green eyes – like women with brown eyes, green0eyed girls are also very lucky to be blessed with such a wide range of colors to choose from to compliment their eyes. Colors that compliment green eyes best include beige, taupe, and tan for daytime colors and plum and charcoal for dark hues. Other colors that also go well with green eyes are peach, coral, apricot, cream, and mocha. Colors with gold or orange tones also look great with green eyes.

green eyes makeup green eyes