How to Choose the Perfect Eyeliner Colors for Your Eyes

Wearing eyeliner is a great way to frame and define your sexy, gorgeous eyes. Eyeliner is one of the simplest products you can wear that can instantly and effortlessly make you look a lot more beautiful and chic. It’s also one of those beauty products that can be worn on their own and don’t need other products to look fantastic. Eyeliner can give you an endless choice of looks from dramatic and bold eyes for night time parties to subtle and subdued but nevertheless pretty eyes for daytime and everything else in between. Did you know, though, that certain eyeliner colors can really make your eyes pop and bring out the best in them? Here’s a little something for you, in case you’re wondering:

  • Universal eyeliner colors – universal eyeliner colors are those that look great on any eye color. These colors include navy, powder blue, black and charcoal. If you want something safe and something that you can wear without having to worry about whether the color is right for your eyes, these three are your top choices.

universal black liner universal brown universal navy liner

  • Universal eye color – if there are universal eyeliner colors, there’s also what we call the universal eye color and that is the color brown. People with brown eyes are very lucky because all eyeliner colors will look good on them. This makes it easier for them to decide which eyeliner color to use. This also holds true for wearing any color eye shadow.

brown eyes makeup brown eyes

  • For blue eyes – blue eyes are often so highly coveted a lot of women will wear contact lenses just to make it look like it’s their natural eye color. The best eyeliner colors that go with blue eyes are brown and bronze. These colors are the ones that will enhance and intensify sexy blue eyes to make them really stand out. Other colors that can be used with blue eyes include taupe, gray, purple and any shade of blue that’s darker than the natural color of your eyes.

blue on blue blue and purple blue and silver

  • For green eyes – green-eyed people can be classified into two categories: the ones with dark green eyes and the ones with light green eyes. People with dark green eyes should stick with earthy colors to make their eyes look really nice. On the other hand, people with light green eyes should definitely go for black because the dark color of black eye liner can help intensify your eye color to make them look a little darker.

green eyes earthy shades light green eyes