How to Do Makeup that Looks Good in Pictures

Doing your regular, everyday makeup is so much different compared to when you’re doing your makeup for pictures. You’d have to keep a few things in mind if you’re doing your makeup for pictures and these things will affect the outcome of your pictures in a major way. The camera’s flash, for example, can reflect on your skin and show imperfections like pimples, large pores and blemishes if you don’t use the right kind of makeup or do a certain technique. Whether you’re getting ready for an event that you’re sure to be in loads of pictures from or you’re going to get your photo taken for ID purposes, check out our tips on how to do makeup that looks good in pictures below.

  • Start with primer – priming your face before applying your makeup makes all the difference in the worl when you’re doing your makeup for pictures. Aside from making your makeup stay on longer, primer also helps make your makeup look brighter. It also makes the products you apply on your face go smoother so that it looks flawless in pictures.

HD quality makeup makeup for pictures

  • Use HD products – if you’re doing your makeup for serious pictures like engagement photos, wedding photos or any other kinds of photos that you know you’d be keeping and looking back to in the years to come then you should definitely consider investing in some HD (high definition) products to use for your makeup. These products make you look immaculately flawless in pictures but they’re super light and almost invisible to the eye. Also, they do a splendid job in covering every single flaw and imperfection on your face.

HD makeup look

  • Wear matte products – flash photography reflects light on your face and when you have on some shimmery, glittery products, chances are that you’re gonna come out looking like a disco ball in the pictures. To avoid looking too oily or shiny in pictures, make sure you use matte products.

strong blush color bold makeup for pictures

  • Use a little bit more than you normally would – when it comes to applying color on your face like eye shadow, blush and bronzer, we recommends that you put on a little more than you usually would. This is because the light from the flash of the camera tends to wash out color from your face so going the extra mile will make the colors more visible.

flawless makeup no shine makeup

  • Consider using false lashes – there are some women who can’t stand the look and feel of fake eyelashes. To them, it’s just too unnatural. If you’re one of these women, you might want to consider using falsies in pictures. Aside from the fact that they add that glamour factor to your look, they’re also much more natural to look at in pictures than in real life.

gorgeous makeup look

  • Apply makeup in natural light – indoor lighting can sometimes fool you. It may look like your makeup is even and well but when you step out or when the camera’s flash starts beaming on you, you’ll start to notice that it isn’t. For best results, it’s highly recommended that you apply your makeup in natural light. Do your makeup in front of the window where the sun is shining so you can see better and apply your makeup more evenly.

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