How to Fake a Flawless Face

Having a flawless face is one of the many things we just wish we naturally had. However, with so many things that pose risk to skin damage – from pollution to chemical ingredients in the products we use on our skin everyday – keeping a flawless face can be quite a bit of a challenge. Good thing, though, there are lots of ways for us to be able to ‘fake it til we make it’. With the right products and tools, you can get that smooth, silky, glowing face you’ve been wanting for a really long time! If you’re curious on how to fake a flawless face, check out these tips and tricks on how to fake a flawless face.

  • Exfoliate – one of the easiest and most important things you should and can do to fake a flawless face is to get rid of all the dead skin cells that’s making your skin look dull and tired. Exfoliating reveals newer, fresher and more radiant skin which is what you need to get a good glow going on for that flawless look, even when you have other spots and blemishes that need to be taken care of. Don’t over-exfoliate, though. You don’t want to irritate your skin and make it look worse. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can exfoliate at least once a week to thrice every week tops.

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  • Moisturize – moisturizing your face is another thing you should do if you want it to look radiant and glowing. Moisturizing should be done all the time: after your morning shower, before you do your makeup and before you go to bed. For extra smooth-looking skin, apply moisturizer on your face before you put anything else on to prep it for makeup. Let your skin absorb the moisturizer before you start priming and doing your face and you’ll see how smoothly products will go on your face.

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  • Prime it – primer is a product that a lot of women take for granted but if you’re serious about faking a flawless face, it’s one of the essentials that you should have in your makeup arsenal. Priming your face helps makeup stay on longer so you can also look flawless for longer. Aside from that, it also makes other products go on smoothly, resulting in a more natural finish.

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  • Pack on the coverage – when we say ‘pack on the coverage’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to apply tons of layers of heavy foundations and concealer. By this, we simply mean carefully packing the product on to your skin to achieve a flawless finish. One trick that I’ve learned over the years for achieving seamless flawless skin is to use both a sponge and a foundation brush to apply foundation. Dab the product on to your face with a sponge so it packs on the coverage and use the brush to blend for a natural finish.

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  • Conceal your flaws – lastly, for flawless looking skin, conceal all blemishes and spots left uncovered by your foundation with a concealer. This is the last step to making your skin look smooth and flawless. Make sure your concealer matches your skin tone, too. Otherwise, you’ll end up with tacky looking makeup.

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