How To Fix a Bad Haircut Right Now

Every one of us would have had a bad haircut at least once in our lifetime, and it would have been a unforgettable experience of our lives. Do you remember when you had a bad haircut and how you struggled to tackle them? Or are you currently suffering from a disastrous hair cut and wondering what to do?  Well I have some ideas to give you and hope you’ll be able to cope up with it until it grows back well.

bad haircut


If you have got your hair cut from your regular stylist and it resulted in a bad, uneven or asymmetrical hair cut, just call back your stylist and just explain the situation of your cut and how bad it looks, you might get it done free of cost, if it is a mistake done on a lengthy hair, well it wouldn’t be much of a problem to fix them. If your hair is short and you have it uneven, difficult to handle right?

Wear a headband or hairband

flower hairband

Cover your bad haircut with great hair accessoires

flower hair band

Always remember not to leave your hair loose and free flowing as it will easily show off the uneven cut and make you embarrassed in front of your friends, try some style as it will hide your bad cut and will easily cover it up.

long hairstyle with flower headband


Blow dry your hair and try some curls at the edges as it will not look uneven and you can curl till the level you want this will suit both sort and long hairs.

 Hide your bad haircut under cute scarf or bandana

ways to wear bandana

Wear hair extensions!

Clip in hair extension is a fastest way to fix your short or bad  haircut and transform it to a great  Hollywood locks.



hair extensions before after

You can also try using hair extensions that will look so natural and will a enhanced look, just even a few extensions in the area of uneven cut will make it up and will fix your bad hair days, you may need to pay for this, but still aren’t they worth instead of bad looks?

blonde hair extensions


The next tip is, if your car cut is really bad and you are so sure you can’t make it up, you can purchase a high quality wig  that will suit your face and you can try different hair styles during this period till your hair grows or just the one that will look similar to your natural hair cut and others will wont even know.If the hair cut is slightly uneven or maybe a small alteration will do and you don’t wish to cut it till it grows you can wear beautiful hair accessories like head bands and pull back the hair if front fringes are bad or use fancy hair clips and clip the mishandled area, this will look good, stylish and like a new trend too!