How to Get a Tan without the Sun

Since we’ve officially said goodbye to winter, I take it that your closet is already packed with spring to summer outfits and other fashion and style goodies that would make you look really fab for the season. You know what else would really look good with all those cute outfits, though? A little bit of color on your skin, like a tan, especially if you’re pale. However, we all know that staying out too long in the sun can’t be healthy for the skin. Good thing there are plenty of ways to get some color on without the risk of getting skin cancer. Check out our compilation of ways on how to get a tan without the sun below.

  • Self-tanning lotion – the simplest, easiest way to get your tan on without leaving the house and going out in the sun is to use a self tanning lotion. Lots of good brands like Jergens, Fake Bake and Aveeno actually make great self tanning lotions that you can trust to work and produce great results (granted that you follow the instructions, of course). One more reason to go for self-tanning lotions instead of going out in the sun is that self-tanning lotions give you that color you want while also moisturizing your skin at the same time.

tan and freckles tan for spring

  • Self-tanning gels – if you don’t like the feel of lotion being slathered all over your body, another option you can go for to get a sunless tan is a self-tanning gel. They’re less greasy and they’re lightweight too so you don’t feel too icky or gross plus it doesn’t stick to your leg and arm hairs but they give you just as good of a tan as a tanning lotion. Just like self tanning lotions, lots of good brands like Clarins and St. Tropez make great self tanning gels, too.

tan and color

bronzy tan

  • Self-tanning spray – tanning airbrush sprays used to be done only by professionals but today you’ll find a lot of self-tanning sprays that you can use at home to get the same result. This method is highly recommended for people with sturdy hands who can control the spray pressure which is important if you want an even tan. Unlike gels and lotions, tanning sprays give a more temporary result that you can get rid of in a couple of days so it’s perfect if you just need the tan for a certain outfit or event.

self tan tanned skin

  • Professional airbrush tans – the reason why you should consider getting your tan done by a professional is because: 1. It’s easier 2. It tends to look better and 3. You’re assured that you get your back done evenly as well. The last point is what actually intimidates a lot of people with self tanning. Professional airbrush tans are a little pricey but they’re definitely worth it because the results are sure to be even and natural-looking.

perfect tan tan

  • Booth spray tan – this is a cheaper alternative if you want your tan done by a professional and it’s much more private, too. The only thing about getting your tan from a booth is that your feet may not be as  evenly tanned as your body or the tan may come out blotchy. If your attendant knows her stuff, though, she can surely help you out with it or you can simply top it off with self tanning products to even the color out.

even tan tan skin