How to Get ‘Celeb Off Duty’ Beauty

Don’t you just wish you could look like celebrities everyday? They seem to look super gorgeous and beautiful even when you just see them living life regularly and off duty. Of course, we all know their off duty look is not exactly all natural but it sure looks good for an everyday makeup look, doesn’t it? If you’ve been wanting to know how to get the ‘celeb off duty’ beauty and makeup look, check out our tips below.

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  • Moisturize – moisturizing gives you softer and more supple skin and if you have soft and supple skin, everything you apply on your face just seems to appear smoother and more flawless. Aside from that, moisturizing regularly also makes your skin glow so you look beautiful even with minimal makeup on. Make sure you invest in a good moisturizer for your face and your body to get an effortlessly glowing look.

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  • Exfoliate – this is another important step to achieving the celeb off duty beauty. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and it leaves you with newer skin which is softer and more radiant. Just like moisturizing, it makes your skin glow and look healthy and radiant.

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  • Use sunscreen – it may not exactly be a makeup product but using sun screen is another must if you want to get the celeb off duty look in the long run. Protecting your skin with sunscreen ensures you that your skin does not age any more rapidly than it normally should so you stay looking youthful for longer. Use sunscreen even when the sun isn’t out shining and beaming down on you and even if you’d be spending most of your day in the car. The sun’s rays can still get to you and it’s always better to be protected than to risk skin damage.

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  • Use light coverage foundation – to get that flawless celeb off duty skin, use a light coverage foundation. You only need light coverage foundation because you want your skin to look as natural as possible, not cakey or anything artificial looking. If you have fairly good skin, something lighter like BB cream ir tinted moisturizer should be enough.

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  • Conceal the spots – for truly flaw-free skin, use a good quality concealer to hide spots and blemishes. You can skip this step if you don’t have any flaw or blemish to conceal or if the ones you have were already taken care of by the foundation.

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  • Groom your brows – your brows can make or break your look. Celebrities always have their brows shaped and groomed even when off duty and this puts together their whole look. Taking care of your brows just takes a few couple of minutes. Remember to make them look good all the time and you’re sure to be sporting that celeb off duty look perfectly in no time.

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  • Wear fabulous lipstick – celebs always have a nice lip color on, even when they don’t have a full face of makeup. You, too, could do the same to liven up your look. Pick a nice color that really brings out your natural beauty. Red is always flattering but it’s not everyday that everyone feels like wearing a red lip so find a lipstick that could be your easy go-to color for everyday and wear that on days when you don’t feel like being fully made up.

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