How to Get Flawless Looking Foundation

Applying foundation may look easy but getting it to look natural and flawless requires time and skill. You can’t just slap it on to your face and smooth it on with a few strokes and expect it to come out looking perfect. Getting your foundation to look seamless is an art that you need to perfect. It starts, of course, with having the right products and tools on hand. Why bother and make a big fuss about your foundation, you ask? Well, because it’s the takes up most of the surface on your face and it’s the backdrop / the blank canvass where you get to do the rest of your makeup on. If you would like to get tips on how to get flawless looking foundation, check this out.

  • Prep your skin – one of the most important things to do before you even put any kind of product on your face is to make sure that you start clean. Clean your face with water and your preferred cleanser / facial wash to get rid of any dirt / oil / product build up that might get in the way of your foundation looking flawless. After making sure your skin is clean, go ahead and apply your moisturizer and your sun screen and let the products sit long enough for your skin to be absorbed.

seamless foundation look

  • Start to prime – priming doesn’t just make your foundation stay on longer, it also makes products go on your skin easier and smoother and that’s why it’s important to use a good primer before you apply your foundation on if you want it to look seamless and flawless.

super flawless and natural foundation look

  • Find the perfect match – you’ve heard it countless times before, yet you still take it for granted and still go for the second best foundation match for your skin. Finding the perfect foundation match for your skin is a MUST if you want it to look flawless and natural. If you can’t find the perfect shade for you yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Some makeup counters even offer color matching so you can get your exact best match. Remember that finding the best and perfect foundation match doesn’t only mean finding the right shade but also the right formulation for your skin type and skin issues, if any.

perfect foundation skin

gorgeous bronzed makeup

  • Apply in natural light – remember that the best place to apply your foundation is in natural light. This doesn’t mean you have to set up your vanity in your backyard or anything but it would help heaps if you could apply your foundation (and other makeup products) by the window where you can get the most natural lighting.

clean and clear foundation perfect foundation skin

  • Use the right tools – a lot of beauty junkies say they like to apply their foundation with their hands because it warms up the product nicely but you can’t really expect the best finish using just your hands – you need tools! Use a foundation brush to roughly apply your foundation on the face and a stippling brush or a beauty sponge to buff the product in and blend.

radiant flawless glow

  • Conceal – if you have any more visible blemishes and spots that your foundation was not able to cover, use a concealer on these. This is to make sure that you get even coverage all over your face and that your makeup looks flawless.

poreless flawless finish airbrushed foundation look

  • Finish and set – finally, after all the buffing, blending and concealing, all that’s left to do is to finish off your look and set your foundation with either a setting powder or a setting spray. This will also help keep your makeup on longer and will help prevent it from slipping and sliding throughout the day.

beautiful flawless foundation