How to Get Gorgeous Smokey Eyes

Smoky eyes are one of the few eye makeup looks that you can wear anytime. There are great smoky eye variations you can recreate to make this look appropriate for different settings like daytime, casual, office look, date night or party look. Some women get intimidated by smoky eyes because they’re afraid of ending up with just a dark mess around the eyes but smoky eyes are actually quite easy to do. In fact, perfection should be the least of your concerns when creating a smoky eye. If you’re curious on how you can create this look perfectly, check out our tips below on how to get gorgeous smoky eyes.

  • Start with your eyes then do your face – some eye shadows are chalky or powdery and leave a lot of fall out on the face. Since smoky eye looks usually call for darker eye shadow colors, the fall out can be super messy and unsightly to get rid of. To make sure your face stays clean when doing a smoky eye look, do your eyes first, clean up the fallout and then proceed to doing your face. It’ll be a lot easier for you.

perfect smoky eye

  • Use eye primer – because you’re using darker colors for a smoky eye look, it’s important that your eye shadow color stays in place and doesn’t run off somewhere else around your face like your cheeks or your forehead. To be able to do this, you have to prime your eyes. Using primer on your eyes will help keep makeup from creasing. It will make the colors appear more vibrant and, of course, will guarantee you that your makeup stays in place all day long.

shimmery smoky eye bold brows and smoky eye

  • Vamp it up with luscious lashes – if you’re going to make the eyes the main focus of your looks, you might as well go out and really make it pop. Adding coats of volumizing and lengthening mascaras is one way to make your smoky eye look sexy and sultry. Make sure to comb your lashes in between reapplying each coat to avoid clumpy lashes.

cat eye smoky makeup burgundy smoky eye

  • Make it shimmer and shine – another way to make your smoky eye really pretty is to add a bit of shimmer and shine to it. Choose and eye shadow for your lids that has a metallic finish. You can also use glitter eye liner to line your eyes. Dark colors combined with shiny and shimmery ones are perfect for party looks.

sweet and sultry makeup look kohl rimmed smoky eye

  • Keep the rest of your face simple – since your eyes are already heavily made up and dramatic, you’ll want to keep the attention there and not have something else take the focus away. Keep the rest of your face simple. Sport a nude lip, sweep on some light blush and go for lighter products in general so the attentions stays on the eyes.

full lashes and smoky eye daytime smoky eye

  • Don’t forget to tidy up – to make sure that you’ve perfected the look, don’t forget to check back in the mirror at least twice and see if there’s any more bits and pieces that need to be tidied up. Nothing ruins a good smoky eye more than a dirty smudge in the wrong place.

blue makeup for brown eyes