How to Get More Gorgeous While You Sleep

If you’ve been very busy lately with work, school or whatnot, I’m pretty sure you’ve skipped a thing or two in your beauty routine just to catch up and get more zzz’s and because of that you may have noticed, too, that lately you haven’t been looking as fresh and glowing as before. One of the most obvious fixes to this is, of course, to stress yourself less or to avoid stress altogether but if that isn’t possible for you or your lifestyle, check out these tips on how to get more gorgeous while you sleep and see how you can hit the sack and wake up prettier than ever.

  • Moisturize – no matter what your age is, moisturizing is something that you shouldn’t stop doing. Moisturizing before bed should be done all the time because it’s one of the best ways to get a product to sit on your skin and absorb it. When looking for a moisturizer to use at night, look for one with lots of benefits like anti-aging, hydrating, etc. Your skin absorbs better at night while you sleep so pack on the goodies!

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  • Sleep with your head propped high and on your back – sleeping on your back is one simple thing you can do to prevent wrinkles. Since your face won’t be touching the sheets, getting wrinkles to set in and crease is minimized. Sleeping with your head propped high against the pillow, on the other hand, reduces the chances of you waking up with puffy eyes.

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  • Turn on the humidifier – at night when you are sleeping and are unable to consciously drink fluids to keep your skin hydrated, you can rely on your trusty old dehumidifier for help. Turning on the dehumidifier while you sleep helps your skin stay moisturized, especially during the cold months. Moisturize your skin and turn on the dehumidifier before you hit the sack and see how soft your skin is going to be the morning after. It’s also a great thing to do when you have colds and have trouble breathing at night.

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  • Try doing heatless overnight ‘dos – if you have long hair, one of the things that probably take up a huge chunk of your time in the morning is doing your hair and if you’re looking for a way to give your hair a break from the heat of your styling tools, why not just sleep your way to a fabulous ‘do? Put your hair up in a bun with plenty of sections curled or coiled. Spritz on a bit of water, sleep and wake up to natural pretty waves / curls! Make your hairstyle last all day by using a generous amount of hairspray or by texturizing it further with styling gel.

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  • Wear mask sheets – it may sound odd to you but I swear it works like magic, especially for a lazy girl like me. Sheet masks come in so many different variants and they’re super convenient and easy to use since they aren’t as messy as the traditional facial masks and what I like to do on days when I feel like my skin needs a break is I take a sheet mask, place it over my face, sleep in it and then remove it in the morning to reveal fresh and rejuvenated skin.

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