How to Get Rid of Dry Chappy Lips

We’ve experienced this at least once in our life: chappy lips. The lips are one of the core facial features that defines your face. It also contributes to your overall charm. Those dry chappy lips not only annoys you a lot but also lowers your self-esteem. Not having the ideal soft kissable lips is so discomforting especially when you’re a teenager already battling against puberty and angst. But this also affects a lot of the adult women. Basically, we want to get rid of it. Gone from our lives. Not our lips, of course, but the dryness and chappiness.
For those distressed ladies suffering from it, here are some helpful tips on battling against dry chappy lips.

  • Consider your balm – It’s common knowledge that lip balms moisturizes your lips. It’s also believed that it is said to dehydrate your lips so that you will apply more, then it will dry your lips even more, and you apply more…the cycle goes on.
    The lip balm’s main purpose is to exfoliate the chapped flaky skin of our lips using substances such as phenol and peppermint oils. And while these substances help in casting off dry skin, they aren’t the best thing for hydration. When choosing your lip balm, look for ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, or oils such as cocoa, coconut and jojoba. These will help in moisturizing and softening your lips. Applying petroleum jelly every night will also work wonders.
    lip balm
    applying lip balm
  • Always avoid licking – You know how drooling leaves the saliva dried off on the corner of your mouth and hardens that area of your skin? Take note that your skin has a protective layer on top of the epidermis. Now imagine the effect of that drool on your lips which has the same protective layer only four to five times thinner. The result? Dry, flaky, chappy, unappealing lips. Therefore, no licking. Also, no biting. Don’t follow Anastasia Steele’s habit. It gives the same effects to your poor lips which won’t do you any good.
    licking lips

    biting lip
  • Take that hand away from those flaky skin – As it is recommended to never pick on our pimples, the same goes for that flaky chapped off skin on our lips. Tempting as it may, it will only result to more flakes like how picking your pimples only results to even more pimples. What’s worse is that peeling away those flaky skin might end up with bleeding lips. While that sounds good (I mean, red lips, right?) I tell you firsthand, it doesn’t. Your lips looks blotted and have this plum shade like black-eye only it’s on your lips.
    apply lip
    picking lips
    Instead of scraping it off with your fingers, why don’t you just do…
  • Exfoliation  You may already be doing this regularly with your face and skin. Now you need to treat your lips with the same attention. There are many ways to exfoliate your lips. One way is to take a soft cotton cloth, damp it with water, and rub it softly against the dry flaky lips. You can also try this with toothbrush but take note on using one with soft bristles.
    toothbrush lips
    towel lips
  • Always stay hydrated  Remember that we’re battling against dryness here. And the best way to get rid of that dryness is by constantly drinking enough water everyday. And anyway, we’ve already established the wonderful works of water to our entire body, internal or external.
    drink water