How to get straight hair

Some women are born with silky straight hair worthy of national TV commercial. If you’re one born with wavy or curly hair, you don’t need to fret because you can have straight hair as well. Here are tips on how to get your hair straight right at home or with the help of your stylist.Here  you will find a few  tips on how to   how to straighten curly hair.


Natural hair of Adriana Lima is wavy, but now see she have it perfectly straight , so you can do it too!

Wash your hair with high-moisture products. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners might not get your hair as straight as you want it to be, but they can keep them tame and less frizzy for the time-being. Add to that, these high-moisture products can make blow-drying or ironing easier for women with curly locks. Apply a leave-in conditioner or a styling lotion to keep your mane straight and easy to manage.

Use a flat iron. This is perhaps one of the best hairstyling items that have been introduced to the masses. With a flat iron, you can make your hair straight, at least temporarily. While ironing your hair can give you the straight hair you have always wanted, don’t overdo it! The prolonged heat exposure can cause damage to your hair in the long run.


Blow-dry your hair. Blow-drying hair is one of the oldest methods of achieving straight hair right away. In this process, you dry your hair with hot air and comb it at the same time, to achieve the look you are gunning for. If you want straight tresses, go for a flat comb. If you want more bounce and volume, use a round brush. Remember to use a blow-dryer with 1500-1800 wattage, as using a dryer with more power can make your hair look curly. As with ironing, exposing your hair to heat for a prolonged period of time can have damaging effects, so keep blow-drying to a minimum.

Have your hair thermally reconditioned. This procedure can be done by your stylist to make your hair straighter for an extended period of time, ranging from six to ten months. Thermal reconditioning is perfect for women with wavy hair who wish to straighten out their manes. Follow-up appointments are crucial though, to recondition the growing hairs.

Even if you have curly or wavy hair, you can have the straight hair that you have always wanted. Just choose from the above methods to determine which solution is perfect for you – if you want to have straight hair temporarily, or for the rest of your life.